Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Mental Health Awareness Month

Hi everybody! So whether you've heard about it or not, this month is
"Mental Health Awareness Month"
I felt that this is such a somewhat uneducated topic for so many people, and I feel that it would be a good idea to spread awareness of it. Lack of awareness can be a very negative thing as if people aren't educated on some of the aspects of mental health, it can lead to them being ignorant or just saying or coming out with things that either aren't true or are just hurtful. We should never stop raising awareness of these things!


There are many kinds of mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, OCD, schizophrenia, eating disorders and more. It's estimated 1 in 4 people will suffer with a mental illness at any time.

It is so, so important to understand that mental disorders can make lives incredibly difficult and not having an ignorant attitude to certain mental health problems is such a key element.
By reducing the stigma around mental health, I do believe that people struggling to get help for these issues will feel comfortable and able to.

Unfortunately, some people still have this idea that just because you can't "see" an issue, there isn't one. There are so many people struggling because they feel they can't talk about their problems and feel as though they're going to be judged on what they're going through and how their mind works. They can also feel as though they "can't do" something and it can really have a damaging and destructive effect on someone.

I saw a quote which was "Not all pain is physical and not all wounds are visible".
This is SO true and just because someone is wearing a bright smile, doesn't mean they have no problems and they aren't fighting something extremely difficult at that given time.

The key is NOT to be judgemental. We're all different and we all have our ways and we all operate differently. It doesn't mean that we're any less of a good person or any less of a capable person. We're all fabulous humans here ;)

Mental health is something really difficult to control and the mind can be a pretty crazy thing at times!

That is why talking about it and our own experiences can give people the confidence to realise that they're not alone and that some of the things they're facing, other people are facing too. It is amazing the sense of relation you have once you find an experience similar to yours.

I know that Zoella's video on Anxiety definitely made me realise what was happening to me and I got a huge sense of comfort, as I'd gone on thinking that these things were only happening to me. I became a lot more able to "accept" what was happening to me than me just dismissing myself as "stupid" or "strange" which was what I'd been telling myself prior to seeing the video. I didn't have an understanding of what was happening to me.

That is an example of the fact that sharing your story, can help many others feel comfortable into accepting what they're dealing with, as accepting it can take a long time. Once the acceptance is there, getting help is the way forward!
I've personally not shared all of the aspects of what I go through, I may do a blog post on it in the future!

It's a confusing little journey, but it's so important that you have great support around you, whether it's in person or online, everybody deserves to feel good about themselves.

Together, we can stomp out the stigma and raise awareness that sometimes it is difficult to control the way we think, the most important thing is to recognise it and get the help you not only need, but you DESERVE. Nobody deserves to live an unhappy life, everybody should be entitled to happiness and you should do what YOU need to do for YOU.

If you feel as though you're struggling, try and have a little look around some of the quotes on Google. Some of them can be really refreshing and make you feel so much better. It's a good way of cleansing your mind and adding a little bit of positivity to your soul.

Also please remember NOBODY IS PERFECT. We all have imperfections.

Thank you so much for reading this post, please feel free to leave a comment or leave below any blog posts or tweets you've made about Mental Health Awareness Month. If you would like me to do any other posts regarding mental health, let me know! Please let me know what you think in the comments! I'd love to have a little read of your thoughts!

Thank you so much for reading and remember to be respectful!

Love & hugs
Claire xxxxxxxxxxxx

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