Thursday, 21 March 2019

Zoella Beauty Berry Jam Scrub Review

Hi everyone!

This post is all about one of the products from Zoe's brand new Fruit Range of Zoella Beauty. The most intriguing part of this collection in my opinion, is the fact that all of the products have different fruity scents, something which the brand has never done before!
I picked up the Berry Jam scrub as I've actually been needing a new scrub for a while and haven't quite gotten round to buying one yet and this actually seemed to be a great time to as if you've read my blog for a while you'll know I've tried a fair few Zoella Beauty products in the past!

Upon the release of this batch of products, Zoe mentions in a video that this will be the last collection from Zoella Beauty as they are being discontinued in the future. This did make me sad as I have loved the collections so far for the most part and some of the products have been some of my all time favourites. The scents have all been very special and gorgeous and it will be a big miss not having the excitement of a new collection launch.

In terms of this launch, Zoe has released a collection which features a variety of different fruits, the Berry Jam scrub in particular featuring strawberries, blackberries and raspberries as well as using kiwi seeds and polishing granules to ensure skin is polished to the max! It's also vegan and cruelty free!

I'm not the biggest fan of the packaging, it's reasonably cute but I don't think it looks as good or has much of the attention to detail as some of the other packaging have done previously.

The scrub itself smells absolutely GORGEOUS! It's quite a thin consistency, which I wasn't expecting in comparison to the other scrubs she has released but it doesn't affect the product itself! It certainly lives up to its name, it smells very much of an assortment of berries with a hint of jam too! I wouldn't say it's as deep of a scrub as the Scrubbing Me Softly from Tuity Fruity range a few years back, it's quite a light scrub but still manages to leave you feeling very smooth!

The scent itself didn't have as much of a staying power as I would have liked! Also, I appear to have found another one with a slight dodgy lid as mine doesn't shut again (same problem I had with the Jelly and Gelato body wash). I would love it a lot more if the scent stayed but it does a great job of leaving your skin super duper smooth!

To conclude, although it's not my absolute fave of Zoe's products, it's definitely an interesting one and I don't regret buying it! It smells very yummy and left me wondering what the rest of the collection smells like!

I'm thinking of doing a Zoella Beauty Favourites post, if you would be interested in what my Favourites have been from her collections and my ranking of the collections based on the scents!

If you're from the UK you can purchase Berry Jam and the rest of Zoe's range from both and Superdrug!

Love & hugs,

Claire xxxx

Wednesday, 13 March 2019

January & February 2019 Favourites


Here's my January and February 2019 Favourites. As I've not done a post like this in a while I thought I'd combine them!

January was a strange one, but typical in the sense that it seemed to be very long!! I do appreciate that there's usually new products to try in January after the Christmas period and with the January sales in full force!
February was a little different to how it was last year, as we ended it with warm weather as opposed to deep snow and a Beast from the East previous year!

Have a little read of some of my Faves!


LMX - Liquid Lipstick - One Kiss
This liquid lipstick has become my go-to nude it's such a gorgeous shade and the quality of LMX's lipsticks has really surprised me as they last for so long and manage so well with limited touch ups!

LMX - Lip Liner - Plump Up
Similarly, these lip liners do an amazing job and I was really impressed with how good they are! I would say all 4 from the Shout Out To My Pout kit do an amazing job but this one in particular was my January fave!

Mariah Carey - GTFO
Leona Lewis - Fire Under My Feet
The Carters - Nice
Black Eyed Peas ft Nicole Scherzinger - Wings
Jamelia - DJ


I don't know how it all got brought on, but I've been investing in scrunchies again and have enjoyed giving my hairstyles a little something extra by wearing them. I don't think I have any of the ones I used to use during school left, so I got a couple of sets from Primark and they are so cute! The ones in the photo are just two of the ones I've been wearing.

Eat Natural Fruit and Nut Bar - Dark Chocolate with Cranberries and Macadamias
If you have me on Instagram (@eclairscares) then you will have seen me do a story on these last month! I am obsessed with them, they taste SO good! Such a healthy and tasty snack to have, these are an absolute joy. They are gluten free and suitable for vegetarians which makes it even more inclusive! They have different flavours but this is my fave!


LMX - Liquid Lipstick - Perfect Pout
I have been loving this lipstick recently as it's a lighter nude than what I'd maybe go for normally but it's got such good staying power!

L'Oreal Paris- Life's A Peach Blush - Peach Addict
I got this blush for my birthday last year as I wanted to try and get myself into blushers as I'm not a huge wearer, but I'm quite pale and often need a bit of colour in my cheeks. This peachy shade of blush works so well for me as it's not too vibrant and in your face but goes well with my skin tone and is buildable! It also smells of peaches too!

Hunny Lashes - Babyprincess Lashes
I bought these gorgeous lashes from Imogen Hudson aka Imogenation's lash range Hunny Lashes. They are so fluttery and so soft and I was so impressed with how well they suited as I wasn't sure if they would look a little too much but they genuinely really complimented my eyes. The only thing is I wore them without cutting them down a bit as they are quite long but that's easily solved!

Beverley Knight - Come As You Are
Jamelia - Thank You
Ariana Grande - Break Up With Your Girlfriend I'm Bored
Ariana Grande - NASA
Ariana Grande - 7 Rings
Ariana Grande - Bad Idea
The Zutons - Always Right Behind You
Subfocus -  Turn Back Time
Buckcherry - Crazy Bitch
Little Mix - Wasabi

Hope you have enjoyed this Favourites double! Have you used any of these products or enjoyed anything similar to me? Let me know!

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Love & hugs,

Claire xxxx

Tuesday, 5 March 2019

My Current Top 5 Nude Lip Products

Hey everyone!

Welcome back to EclairsCares! If you've been an avid reader of this blog for a few years now then I expect you will have seen me get excited over many lip products over the years! Nude lipsticks are a personal favourite of mine as they can be SO useful for if you aren't feeling the big over the top bright shade. I would like to share with you some of my own personal favourites!

LMX - Matte Lip - One Kiss
A recent nude lip favourite of mine, this shade is absolutely gorgeous on the lips and the staying power is so good! I wasn't sure what to expect but it's been a massive staple in my makeup bag and I've been reaching for it a lot lately!

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream - Stockholm
Slightly more on the peachy side, but a beautiful nude none the less! It smells absolutely unreal (a little bit like cake!)

Sleek Matte Me - Birthday Suit
I think this is still one of my favourite lipsticks of all time! It's a beautiful nude shade that suits me so well and I can always count on it if I'm a little stuck on what lipstick to wear!

LMX Matte Lip - Perfect Pout
Another from Little Mix's makeup range, this one is a slightly paler shade of nude lipstick but luckily I can still get away with it! It doesn't wash me out much and it looks very pretty! As mentioned with the other LMX nude, its staying power is so good!

Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick - Asia
This has been a long-time love of mine which although doesn't get as much use as it used to these days, is still a big fave! A glossier brown-toned nude, this has been worn many times including my Leavers Ball back in 2015! It's a very lovely shade and also very creamy texture!

Well those are my favourite nude lip products! Hopefully you found this interesting! Do you own any of these?! I'd love to know! Which is your favourite nude lip product?

Love & hugs,

Claire xxx

Monday, 25 February 2019

My 2018 Favourites

Hey everyone!

I wanted to discuss my 2018 Favourites as there's been quite a quarter of the month which got no coverage, I thought I'd do a little round-up of some of the things I enjoyed during the year of 2018! Once I got started writing this post, I realised my makeup game has completely changed from 2017 to 2018, and therefore I use a completely different set of products even now! Take a look!

Also not all of them appear in photos as they weren't with me at the time of taking the photos!!


L'oreal Infallible 24 Hour Foundation in Porcelain
I tried this foundation last year and it instantly became my new favourite, replacing my old trusty fave Rimmel Match Perfection. It gives great coverage and suits my skin tone perfectly pretty much, but with enough to bronze myself up with bronzer.

Revolution Colour Spectrum Palette:
I haven't actually mentioned this on my Instagram or this blog but my housemate bought me Revolution's Colour Spectrum palette for my birthday! It is certainly an incredible palette with 196 different colours and the best part is that it's Revolution so the quality is still amazing! Honestly was buzzing when I saw this, especially when I logged into my Superdrug account and realised I'd added it to my wishlist in the summer!

Morphe 360 35P Plum Palette:
I got this for Christmas 2017 and with it being my first Morphe purchase, it didn't disappoint! The shadows are such good quality and so easy to blend. I got this because purple is my favourite colour and some of the darker shades in this palette were calling my name! A massive bargain in my books!

Revolution Vivid Baked Bronzer in Ready To Go:
This bronzer was actually the first bronzer I owned and soon became one of my favourite products! I love how it isn't outright brown but more of a tanned glow to your skin. I genuinely wear this so much now!

MAC Aaliyah for MAC Lipstick in Try Again
2018 meant that Aaliyah's collection for MAC finally got released and after being unable to pick through the lipsticks, I finally went with 'Try Again' a brown toned nude lipstick. Try Again is actually my favourite Aaliyah song so I was quite happy to own it! I wore it loads upon buying it and am so happy I bought it!

L'oreal Paris Life's A Peach Blusher in Peach Addict
Along with bronzers, blushers actually became another item of makeup which I decided to use this year. I know already that pink blushers don't really suit me so I found this peach toned blush which manages to give my cheeks that bit of colour but not too much that I look literally orange. I'm deffo glad I invested in this!
Sleek Solstice Highlight Palette
This highlight palette had caught my eye prior to buying it, but when I actually did buy it I fell in love! The palette boasts 4 different highlighters of different consistency and I love using it. My personal fave is the lilac toned highlight, as I think it gives such a stunning type of glow!

RC Glam Dahlia Lashes:
When one of my friends released her lash range in 2018, I absolutely fell in love with these particular lashes. They're so fluffy and gorgeous and I love how they look when I wear them, they've become my favourite pair of lashes!

Eylure Cheryl Sexy Senorita Lashes:
Another pair of lashes I've been obsessed with this year have been the Sexy Senorita from the Eylure Cheryl range, these are great for if you want to wear lashes but don't want them to be too much, these are extremely simplistic yet look gorgeous! I'm a big fan of them and they are great for daytime wear!

Eylure Cheryl Belle of the Ball Lashes:
Another pair of lashes.. from Eylure's Cheryl range, this time the Belle of the Ball lashes! These are so dramatic and I love how they look. Even though they're dramatic they aren't heavy which is my favourite thing about them! I need to invest in another pair as I've worn these ones quite a few times now! The little flare they have at the edge is what makes them even more beautiful!

LMX Liquid Lipstick in & Lip liner in One Kiss & Plump Up
This is a very late edition to the Favourites, as I literally received the Shout Out To My Pout lip set for Christmas! However, I absolutely adore this particular nude lip colour and paired with a lip liner, it looks beaut! I'm sure it will be a go-to combination in the future and I was so impressed by the LMX collection! I'll be sure to have a little blog post on them up in the future!

Revolution Redemption Iconic 2 Palette
This is probably my go-to palette. All of the shades are right up my street and I've used this countless times during 2018! There isn't one shade in the palette I wouldn't wear and it was my first ever Revolution product to own!


Zoella Beauty Botanic'eau Spray
This is one of my favourite ranges from Zoe. Splash Botanics excels at being super fresh yet musky! I wore this to death throughout the summer and the packaging also looks amazing too, the designs on the bottle suit the range so much.

Pro:Voke Liquid Blonde Golden Pigment Shampoo
I used this shampoo a lot this year in an attempt to lightly blonde my hair a bit more. My hair is quite a mixture of dark blonde and light brunette so I wanted to see if it would brighten my hair. I feel like it did brighten it a little, despite not being extremely blonde and it was overall a good purchase!

Kelis - Millionaire
Jennifer Lopez - Dinero
Charli XCX - Femmebot
JoJo ft Wiz Khalifa - Fuck Apologies
Charli XCX - Superlove
Charli XCX - Focus
Charli XCX - No Angel
Tove Lo ft Charli XCX, Icona Pop, Elliphant, Alma - Bitchez
The Carters - APESHIT
Einsteinbarbie - Cool Like That
Ariana Grande - No Tears Left To Cry
Little Mix - Motivate
Little Mix - Notice
Little Mix - American Boy
Malachi Amour - Lingard
The Lightning Seeds - Three Lions
Lily Allen & Giggs - Trigger Bang
Demi Lovato - Ruin The Friendship
Demi Lovato - Tell Me You Love Me
Selena Gomez - Back To You
Christine & The Queens - Girlfriend
Hilary Duff - Reach Out
Ciara - Stuck On You
Ciara ft Missy Elliott & Fatman Scoop - Level Up
The 1975 - Give Yourself A Try
LMC & Mark McCabe - Time To Groove
Nile Rodgers, Chic, - Till The World Falls
Pitbull ft John Ryan - Fireball
Nicki Minaj & Lil Wayne - Good Form
Nicki Minaj - Chun Li

Jane The Virgin
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
Love Island
Strictly Come Dancing
World Cup 2018

Peppermint Tea
Fairy Lights

Thank you so much for reading this post, I hope you all enjoyed reading what I loved during 2018!! Apologies for the delay!

Love & hugs,

Claire xxx

Thursday, 31 January 2019

Let's Reflect: 2018

Hey everyone!

I can't believe it's that time again already, the time to reflect on the past year of 2018. Naturally this post is a little later than it would normally be but that's okay!

It's been quite a rollercoaster, as usual arguably, a mixture of amazingly good times and some horrific times too. It's time to have a little reflection on the year of 2018!

This year has taught me a lot about myself if anything, I've honestly felt some of the lowest I've ever felt and still bloody here! Some days I don't see it but I'm a bit of a bad ass when it comes to my mental health. I need to improve how many of these days I have! There's been times where my own resilience and strength has literally surprised me and had me going "How am I doing this?". I think it's when other people tell me I'm doing well that it sinks in a bit more, even if I don't always feel it!
I experienced difficulties with my mental and physical health during 2018 which did make it very difficult to cope with, something I continue to hope I better in 2019!

In terms of uni, I finished Second Year with a 2:1 which I was super proud and pleased about! During the end of second year, I managed to do 2 presentations in 3 days which although exhausting, was a pretty good achievement! I feel like I've come so far in terms of presentations and actually confidently presenting (note: I'm not confident, I just blag my way through and try and sound as confident as I can!)

Once Third Year started, I actually did another presentation which went somewhat horrifically (I dropped my memory stick down the front of the computer and my lecturer had to actually call someone to come and unlock the cupboard to retrieve it.. awks), but my next one, I actually managed to get a First in and it was a debate which is actually more than just a presentation!! Obviously that was a massive shock to me as I was not expecting that to get me a first! Some of my other classmates who had also been extremely nervous like me managed to do well too which made me so happy too!
Second Year uni has probably been my most enjoyable year of uni, I did a lot more than I did in first year and I did enjoy it. Oh and I also got to see the Vengaboys at my Uni's end of term do which was a lot of fun!

Also let us not forget how amazing the World Cup was this year!! I had such a buzz for it and it happened to be the year England actually finished 4th!! We coincidentally had a heatwave during this time too, which is very unlike us, so generally it was a pretty fab time for us here! The atmosphere was insane, I do miss it!! Especially seeing as the next World Cup is in Winter 2022!

Another thing I've been concentrating on in 2018, has been improving my photography and generally taking more scenic photos. I've mentioned before on the blog that I love capturing beautiful sceneries especially sunsets and I've done a lot more of that this year which has enabled me to have a little 'sunset wall' beside my mirror in my uni house, the pictures actually make me feel very peaceful. I've been trying to improve my blog photography as well, which I've definitely enjoyed doing, being more creative with the photos I've taken has been a real step forward in bettering my blog and my skills!

One of my goals for 2018, was going to therapy, which was actually something I did this year, definitely, extortionately overdue. Although I don't know if it's helped me as much as it could have done, I feel like it did help me a bit and the fact I actually went and did it is huge for me. I actually spoke up about many things I've bottled up inside and my therapist was so lovely to me.

I also got my Spotify Unwrapped 2018, which was interesting enough to tell me I'd listened to 19 hours of Charli XCX during the year! That's understandable, as I've really gotten into her in the past year and a half. She's been dropping tracks throughout the year too which I've loved too. My most-listened to song was Millionaire by Kelis.

I also naturally really enjoyed Love Island and Strictly Come Dancing this year, was so happy for Jack and Dani! And Joe and Dianne were my favourites on Strictly and they did amazingly well too and I'm so happy for them both becoming a couple too!

I think generally 2018 brought a lot of thinking time both negatively and positively for myself and dare I say it, to quote Kylie Jenner 'realising stuff'.
I've realised a lot about myself this year and hopefully can take it on board into 2019.

2019 is going to be one big change again, which does give me fear right now, I want nothing more than to strive for happiness and control of my mental and physical health! 2018 has seen some moments which have tested my strength but I'm still here. I hope to gain more confidence in 2019, I haven't necessarily set myself any official New Year Resolutions as I don't want to pile too much pressure on myself, I have a few hopes/goals but the main thing is to try and be happy and more confident.

How was your 2018? I hope you've enjoyed this post and once again I'm so grateful for all of the support you guys have shown me this year!

If you fancy reading either my 2018 Goals or my Let's Reflect 2017 post feel free!
I'm also thinking of posting my 2018 Favourites soon too as I've drafted it up!

Love & hugs,

Claire xxx

Saturday, 26 January 2019

Blogging Return: Why I Took A Break

Hi everyone!

This is so weird to sit here and type into Blogger again. You've probably all forgotten me. I'm aware it's been quite a while since my last post. It's quite a long story..

I'm not entirely sure where this post is going, but I'm going to do my best to structure it! Hope you're comfortable and within reach of a cuppa or some biscuits!!

I mentioned in one of my summer posts that I'd been struggling during the summer, anxiety and depression was taking over me and it was reaching to me in new waves it had never done before.
I felt so low, empty and disappointed. Everything around me just seemed out of my reach and out of my depth. It was scary how much it progressed and how I felt.
Things that hadn't panicked me were getting to me, irrational scenarios and situations this way and that, were slowly eating me up.
It was impacting on me in all areas of my life, which brings me to my next point.

My blog has always been that place where I've felt safe and felt happy and felt some kind of positivity and ambition whilst writing it.
And suddenly, my safe place was being toxified by thoughts and worries I'd never had before, I began doubting my blog, doubting everything, freaking out with scenarios that weren't even rational.
Spam site blog views were stressing me out for no logical reason at all.
With everything that was going on, I made the decision to delete my blog. It absolutely broke my heart as I mentioned, my blog was my baby, deleting it meant I felt very lost and I remember feeling so disconnected not having it.
Looking back, I didn't feel like myself at all around that time, I was a shadow of myself, I was just a ball of fear and sadness.
I think one of the worst things that got me as the fact it had finally hit my blog as I'd never had that before. But because it was affecting my blogging and how I felt about it, I knew I had to delete it, take some time out and work on myself and focus on getting better. I knew that my content wasn't as good as everyone else's and just felt really stressed about every aspect of my blog, irrational or rational, logical or not, my confidence had gone.
Deleting my blog did actually give me a bit of peace because it was one less thing I had to freak out about but the delete did make me sad, especially as I was still watching all the other bloggers' achieve amazing things, do brilliantly creative posts and for me, it was another aspect of my life my mental health had ultimately taken away from me. I did really miss blogging but I needed to try and focus myself more and try and restore balance.

Starting 3rd Year uni was very tough because of that, all I could feel was negativity and anxiety. My emotions had hold of me and everything was just disappointing, underwhelming or unmanageable. I felt trapped in a constant horror movie. I'd also be really hard on myself too, because of the constant frustration with myself and also wanting to enjoy life to the fullest but there always been some form of negativity toxifying my mind. The second day of uni, I had a panic attack and couldn't leave for my lecture, which following on from how anxious I'd been on the first day, led to a struggle to attend and stay in lectures. Emailing my lecturers made it a bit easier as they understood what I was going through which made it a little bit better if I attended and felt anxious because if I needed to leave or anything they wouldn't be thinking I was rude or anything.

I know my mental health is something I need to work extra on. I spoken to Mind recently to try and help get myself back and the therapist working with me encouraged me to get blogging again. I think it's going to take longer till I actually begin to love myself and give myself as much self-love as I deserve, but hopefully one day I will get there. Being an emotional person doesn't help as I feel very intense emotions sometimes which can be harder to deal with, as well as worrying about what others think of me and if I'm letting them down.

On top of everything else I'd been dealing with, I've had some stomach problems which have gradually gotten worse over the past couple of years. I realise now it's something I've been experiencing for multiple years but have brushed off and not gone to the doctors for. I don't know if it's because my mental health has been worse in recent months to aggravate it but this made my other problems worse because I didn't trust my own body, I still don't know how to cope with that yet, how to manage my symptoms but facing up to my issues was so important.

So it means I've been struggling with the depressive thoughts of wanting to do things but anxiety & stomach issues literally struggling to even leave the house. It's been quite a confusing time for me. Feeling completely out of touch with your own body is a very surreal, confusing and frustrating feeling.

Even though I've focused on a lot of the bad stuff in this post, one thing which I think even I've picked up on myself, has been that I've been active in trying to work on these issues. I've been making an attempt at therapy to try and get on top of things, I've been fighting my corner to try and get others to listen to why I'm struggling which is something I've not really done apart from last year of sixth form when I pushed forward with my tutor over how I was struggling to sit in exams without having panic attacks and felt more comfortable at the back out the way from everyone else.

One thing I think I've decided in terms of my blog, is that I'm only going to blog when I am really happy with the post, I've decided to get rid of my blogging schedule because I never stick to it anyway, the pressure is something I don't want added to it. I did consider changing to Wordpress with a new blog name, but I decided against it at this point in time. I want my blog to be my happy place again and I aim to work for that again. I am a little gutted that I missed blogging during the Christmas and festive season as that's my favourite time to blog but I think I needed the time away to focus and re-evaluate my life a little. I did have a lovely Christmas despite missing writing.

The main thing I am working on is making sure my mental health and physical health is okay.
I truly want to get strong enough to not let things get in my way as much as they are now.
Over the past couple of days, it has dipped a little bit, as I still feel judged, which is probably something I need to work on, but it's tough!

I'm a fairly emotional person and I am a bit of a stresshead as well, I want to work on it though!

I appreciate if you've stuck around to read this post, or even stuck by me and this blog! It means a lot to me! I'm honestly so grateful for any support I've received over the years. Blogging does mean so much to me. The people who I've had support me has changed so much over the past 10 years even the past 5 years and the past 2 years. I'm very grateful for every single piece of affection or love or appreciation you guys give me, whether you're just a reader of my blog or if you know me personally.

Writing this post in particular and reading it back has been very hard, but thank you!
Love & hugs,

Claire xxx

Sunday, 2 September 2018

August 2018 Favourites


I hope you're all doing good, as you've seen from the title, this is my August Favourites post!
Keep reading to see what I've been enjoying this month! There's not many beauty favourites as I've not really bought anything new (I went on a bit of a spending ban!) and I've not worn makeup much lately. This is quite a low maintenance Favourites as it goes, but I hope you'll stick around and read anyway!!

Herbal Essences Fresh Balance Shampoo
Here is a shampoo I used to use literally all of the time however, they have actually changed the shampoo to something else now which is a little different and doesn't quite work as well on my hair as it used to. Upon coming home for uni, I realised I still had some of the old formula! I've been using it when my hair has been particularly greasy and it's worked nicely!

Johnson's Baby Softwash
I think I mentioned this product last year as I loved it, it's so good for instantly giving you smooth skin! I ended up buying this last year after I dealt with an allergic reaction and needed something extremely gentle to use to clean my skin whilst it was still very much angry! As I guessed nothing harsh would be used on a baby's skin, I opted to go for this and it worked so well for me!

Recipe Books
I've actually been reading a lot more recipe books and recipes both online and in magazines! I am the definition of a beginner in cooking but it's been interesting seeing all of the different meals and things I could make and will possibly try to make!

Charli XCX - No Angel
Charli XCX - Dreamer
Hilary Duff - Reach Out
Jax Jones ft Mabel & Rich The Kid - Ring Ring
The Saturdays - Work
The Saturdays - Gentleman (Signature's Back To The 90's Vocal Remix) (this remix is a banger!!)
Ciara - Bang It Up
Dannii Minogue v Flower Power - You Won't Forget About Me
Ariana Grande -  Successful
Ariana Grande - Better Off
Ariana Grande - Breathin'
Javine - Real Things

Mollie King
I've enjoyed supporting Mollie King this month, as she's been on Radio 1 and also been guest presenting on This Morning alongside Ben Shepard, Matt Edmondson and Mark Wright. I've been a fan of Mollie since The Saturdays and she has a very warm personality and I find her very entertaining and it's fab to see how much she's progressing and all of the things she is achieving in her career! Follow Mollie's insta here.

Fantasy FootballI've done the Fantasy Football for a few years now but never really had much luck!! I'm trying to beat my past points this season so we will see how that goes!!

Thank you so much for reading! Hopefully you still enjoyed this Favourites post even though it's a little smaller!

Love & hugs,

Claire xxx