Thursday, 11 December 2014

Christmas Tag!

Hey everyone!

So I'm sorry this is a little later than planned, I have a very, very, busy December this year as I'm facing mock exams, coursework deadlines and also university stuff is also happening right now and on top of that I have two Secret Santa's and everyone I need to buy presents for Christmas, and I've not even written my own Christmas list yet, yes I know Christmas is literally 2 weeks away. I've literally had no time! Oops...

So as it is the festive season, I've rummaged around the Internet for the best Christmas Tag Questions and I'm going to answer some now so here goes!!!

1. When do you first start getting excited about Christmas? Well, my birthday is in November, so basically after my birthday I get really into Christmas, but I do start thinking about it in like October/November time.

2. Do you still have advent calendars? Indeed I do!!! You just can't not have one!!

3. What are your favourite Christmas films? I've actually not seen as many Christmas films as I probably should have... oops! Some I do love however are Nativity, The Grinch, The Snowman, The First Snow of Winter, Home Alone, Frozen (i know it's not a Christmas film exactly, but it's a winter film yeaaa)

4. What are your favourite Christmas songs? This is quite possibly one of the hardest questions you could ask me! I have so many!! Some of them are I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday, Merry Christmas Everybody, Merry Christmas Everyone, Fairytale of New York, Baby Please Come Home, Step Into Christmas, In Dulci Jubilo, Stop The Cavalry, 8 Days of Christmas, I Believe In Father Christmas, All I Want For Christmas Is You, Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer (Destiny's Child Version), Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree, We Three Kings (Aly & AJ version) & omg there's loads more but yeah

5. Do you have any Christmas traditions? Erm, well I normally get a selection box, they are shrinking every year but I just have to have one, oh and I normally listen to at least one of my CD's that I get for Christmas before dinner. It's been 1D the past 3 years haha!

6. What do you eat for Christmas Day? Well I'm not gunna lie here, everything... except sprouts!

7. How good are you at wrapping presents on a scale of 1-10? Hmmm I'd say about 4 or maybe 5. I can be better, but I'm definitely not a 10 yet hahaha!

8. What is your favourite thing about Christmas? I love the fact it's a super cheery holiday and everything is sparkly and glittery and gold and silver and the food is legit amazing and everybody's really happy and you just get to celebrate and love life with all your loved ones and I just think it's a really really important holiday!

9. What is the best Christmas present you've ever received? One Christmas, I got a Nintendo DS and once I'd opened everything, my dad surprised me with a laptop and it was honestly the most amazing thing ever, it was so unexpected. That was a pretty awesome Christmas!

10. Real or fake Christmas tree? We have a fake one but it would be interesting to have a real one, maybe one year! :D

11. If you could only buy one present this year for someone, who would it be? I would struggle!! Either my mum or my best friend, my mum's had a bit of a tricky year healthwise and my best friend deserves to be presented with an amazing pressie!

12. Do you open your presents Christmas Eve or Christmas morning? Christmas morning!!

13. What do you like to do on Christmas break? I like to just chill out and watch loads of movies and reflect on the year and just make myself as happy as I can haha! I also sleep a lot hahahaha!

14. PJ's or dress up on Christmas Day? I dress up on Christmas Day, then PJ's for a lot of the holidays hahaha!

15. Favourite Christmas smell? We have a Christmas plug in air freshener which always reminds me of Christmas, but tbh, nothing smells more amazing than Christmas Dinner!

So I hope you all enjoyed this post, please comment below with your answers, will be fun to read!!
I shall try to write another blog post very soon!! Thank you all so much for reading!!

Claire xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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