Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Let's Reflect: 2014

Hey everyone! Can you believe it's 31st December 2014 already?! It honestly doesn't seem that long since 2014 was beginning and now I'm in my last year of sixth form which is absolutely crazy and quite emotional. I know 2015 is going to be the biggest changing year yet, so I'm quite nervous for that, but before it comes, I thought it would be a good idea to inject some positivity back into my mind and reflect on 2014 before it slips away.

2014, overall for me has been quite a mixture of emotions. I've had ups and downs but ultimately, I feel as though there have been some proud moments for myself as a person this year.

Although I've struggled in parts, I've seen developments in some parts of my strength, I've been gradually pushing myself that bit further whenever I can, remembering Zoe Sugg's "Say Yes" motto.

This year, I completed a week of work experience alongside Ian Payne, from ITV. I had previously had the opportunity of this last year, but chickened out, mainly because I felt anxious of the fact it was the unknown. A year later, the same opportunity of work experience came up again. My mum was encouraging me to go to this one and as it cost money to do and she'd already paid for it, I felt as though I had to really make the most of it and definitely go. There were many things I was worried about, for example getting lost, not being able to leave if I felt anxious, embarrassing myself and general unfamiliarity and the unknown of what we were doing or what any of the people we would meet would be like, especially as there would be pupils from other schools there and media industry experts. I didn't want to leave a bad impression on them. Especially as a lot of it was being filmed, it put me under more pressure to not look like I was looking anxious during the whole experience!

There were parts where I had a few struggle moments, but I can look back on the week with positive feedback, although I did almost break the North East BBC news set... let's not talk about that ;)
I even managed to give two short completely unscripted interviews, which I never thought I would do, at the beginning of the week!
I got so many opportunities that were basically a once in a lifetime chance. I got a tour of the BBC North East building, around St James' Park, Northumbria University and more activities. I also got to meet some amazing people from the media industry and discover more about how they got where they are today. It was a hugely beneficial week in my opinion.

Looking back, I can't quite believe I managed to do it, as in 2013 I hadn't been able to, it was definitely a boost knowing I managed to get through it with just a few stress/panic moments and that I can still look back on the week with a smile on my face. I have to say, thank you to my friend who was with me during the week, I definitely felt a lot comfortable knowing I had someone with me. It was in some ways a struggle in parts, but if I think back to it, I ultimately have great memories of it, which is the main thing!

I also volunteered to help younger students in my school with their literacy skills, which was an amazing opportunity and the children I worked with were all so lovely and I'm so happy I did it, I was gutted when the 6 week sessions ended. The teacher who I assisted was so kind, I was at ease the whole time.
I can honestly say, Rosie was one of the inspirations of me doing this work, as I've learnt a lot from her about how important it is to consider how different people learn best and taking care with pupils who have any learning issues and I wanted to help people improve their own skills so they could feel proud of themselves as the weeks went on. I was so proud to watch their progression. And it made me smile so much when they recognised me and got excited to see me in the school corridor, it was a very rewarding role. I'm quite happy that I went along and did it, as I was nervous about how I'd be perceived by them, as there are some quite big personalities in the lower years of my school, but I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Quite possibly the biggest highlight of my year was Tuesday 9th September 2014. That day was honestly one of the most surreal days of my life!
It is the day of The Saturdays Greatest Hits tour! I was lucky enough to meet Mollie which was absolutely incredible, I can't thank Chloe enough for being sweet enough to call Mollie over and take the photo for me.
I met new people and I also got to see Emily, Bradley, Hannah and Cat, which was so lovely. I can't thank you guys enough for being so nice and I'm so happy I got to see yous, it was amazing! And during the concert, I also managed to get a Frankie wave, which made the day even more surreal. It was my favourite day and I had an amazing positive mindset for weeks afterwards, which was a huge achievement for me. I'm prone to being a negative thinker, but following that amazing day, I was on top of the world and for a little while my anxiety was drifting from me (it resurfaced eventually, unfortunately but let's skip that). The fact that I actually went through such a positive phase, made me feel so so happy. That whole day changed a lot of my thinking and made me realise that you really just don't know what the future holds and that amazing things will happen!

I also had my first ever interview, for a university this year! Although it didn't really feel much like an interview in the end, the fact I did it and got through it without too much damage was something which I felt very proud of myself for doing. I actually have good memories of the two days, which is something I never expected to say!

I'd just like to give a massive shoutout to Emily, Caroline, Bradley, Rosie who have been absolutely amazing to me this year, thank you all so much! You've made me feel so happy and been there for me in times of anxiety, and it just means so much that you are so lovely. Thank you so so much! Also big shout outs to Chloe and Sophie for basically helping me get my Mollie photo. I will always be grateful! Love you both! Let's continue this into 2015! And also btw I'm here for you all anytime, Xxxx

Thank you all for reading this, it will be a year since I launched my blog in February and I'm so thrilled that it's had as many views as it's had so far! It means a lot to me! I can't wait to continue the blog into 2015!
Hope you've had a very Merry Christmas and I wish you an amazing happy, healthy and successful 2015!

Claire xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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