Saturday, 10 January 2015

Self Belief

Hey everyone!

Today's blog post has been inspired from a quote by none other than Vanessa White.
I'd not particularly had a good start, returning to sixth form, so I was looking around for upbeat quotes and began re-reading The Saturdays Our Story book and was drawn to a quote which reads
"If you believe in yourself, then you feel confident and come across as confident. If you feel good you're automatically more confident, so it's worth making an effort." - Vanessa White

I felt this is a good quote for many different reasons, a lot of us need to constantly be reminded to have self-belief, me included. It's a hard process to believe in yourself, but I do think it makes a difference.
Sometimes even hearing someone else tell you they believe in you, can be a good boost of confidence, for example, I struggled with maths for years, kept sitting exams and literally being marks away from a C. It was frustrating as revision for maths was particularly difficult for me, I joked to Emily I'm a mathematical turnip because I begin learning something and when it comes to applying it to a question I'm stuck and then when it's exam season and I'm revising for maths, I end up forgetting all about it.
It was quite a cycle.

One thing that always sticks with me, was the help of an assistant maths teacher, who was literally always there to help me whenever I was stuck on any question or needed reminding of something. He wasn't technically a maths teacher, only an assistant, but I honestly do believe he's the reason I passed maths. He never gave up on me and made sure I kept going and going. He would tell me and another girl who was also struggling to come back after school and bring any questions we were unsure of and bless him he would sit there and get us through them. I remember he used to continually tell me to believe in myself. I never could, but knowing that he believed in my ability, gave me a bit of hope. I will never forget that (probably mostly relieved) joyful over the moon look on his face when he saw I'd finally passed.

I'm so so grateful for everything he did for me. For about 3 or 4 years he'd seen my struggle and enabled me to finally achieve a pass grade.
And my school put me in for Higher Maths, which was a ridiculous idea given my circumstances, but he made sure I was prepared for that and constantly reminded me that whatever happened in that exam, I had achieved a pass and that was all that mattered.

As for the quote, I think it is important either for you to remind yourself to believe, or for you as a person to show your support to someone else. Be someone else's believer.
I can't explain how good it feels to know someone believes in you, so if you know someone who's suffering or needs a little boost, make sure you let them know.

Thank you so much for reading and I will blog again soon!

Claire xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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