Sunday, 15 February 2015

Holy Grail Shampoo (Big & Frizzy Hair)

Hey everyone! Today I'd like to talk about a product which I have been extremely LOVING lately!
It is the L'oreal Paris Smoothing Intense Anti Frizz Shampoo.

I've got quite thick, long frizzy/wavy/curly hair, and previously I'd focused on shampoos that assisted me in getting rid of greasiness, but this product was aimed at my hair type so I decided to go for it. I'd actually not used it in a while and about a month ago, I found it and used it and literally fell in love with it all over again!
It does such an amazing job with my hair, leaves it feeling really soft and manageable, it is so much easier brushing my hair after washing it with this!

What I really love is that practically as soon as you're lathering it up, you can literally FEEL your the difference, as it gets softer.
It smells so gorgeous too!

What's more, it has argan oil and thermo protection, so it's not only taming my hair, it is nourishing it as well
It claims 48 hr anti-frizz and although I've had occasional frizz after using it, it's definitely a hefty improvement from how my hair is normally, even after blow-drying it, which you accept a lot of frizz from!
In fact, my only issue is that when I tried to Google it, I couldn't find the same version I have! It's quite frustrating, but I've seen very close resembling ones which I'm presuming are the same shampoo just a bigger size than the one I've got.

The ones I've found using Google, are almost exactly like the one I have, I think mine must be an older branding of it.
Here are two links I have found:

Superdrug also sell it, here is a link:

I would definitely purchase this again as it works so well on my hair. I love using this!!

I hope you enjoyed this post and comment below any other products that have worked wonders on your hair!

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