Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Positive Distractions

Hey everyone!

I'm not sure where to begin with this post but I was going to talk about "positive distractions" or if I use some of my media terminology "escaspism".

We all have our own escapisms and things that make us happy that distract us from the bustles of daily life.

I would definitely say mine are music, the internet and TV programmes, although mostly music and internet.

I feel as though I've been relying on these quite a lot as I've just not been having a good few weeks lately and I'm still pretty exhausted but I've definitely made up time for these things.

Music can have such a big effect on people, songs can just distract you and change your mood completely from what it was before and that is hugely beneficial to me.
The Internet also is a huge distraction and it has been for years, back when I used stardoll as a pre-teen to distract myself from being bullied. There's always been something on the Internet to distract me. YouTubers are also great to watch as they entertain me and provide escapism too. Some of my favourites at the moment are Zoella, Dan & Phil, Lilly Singh, Beautycrush and The Saccone Jolys.
I've been watching lots of Saccone Joly vlogs lately, I think they are amazing and so so adorable.

Another thing which used to distract me was my dog. She'd come over and I'd stroke her and everything would be okay.
It's been quite a horrendous few weeks for me and she was definitely a great distraction at first, but then she passed away, two weeks ago tomorrow, quite suddenly and uncomfortably for me and my family. I may follow up with a blog post on grief but it depends..
So it's all been a bit tough after that, especially without her cute little face to pop up and give me the puppy dog eyes, wanting whatever item of food I have.

Anyway, the point I'm making is that we all have our own escapisms and things we like doing and I think it's really important that you take some time out sometimes and just have some "me time" whether it's having a hot chocolate and watching YouTubers all day or going for a picnic or whatever you fancy, the positive distractions can be all the more helpful and beneficial for you.

I'm so sorry that this hasn't been as positive a post as usual, I'm just not feeling too great at the moment. Hopefully things will begin to look up soon!

Claire xxxxxxxx

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