Friday, 3 April 2015

Clean&Clear Exfoliating Daily Wash Review

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Today I thought I'd review my current facial wash which is the Clean&Clear Exfoliating Daily Wash! I've been using this since about May last year (admittedly on and off throughout the late of 2014) but I have to say how much I love it!

The main claims it mentions are:
* Softer skin from Day 1
* Gentle micro-beads that clean skin and unblock pores
* Smooth and Clear Skin

Upon using the face wash, I DEFINITELY had softer skin from Day 1, it is incredible how even after 1 wash it makes your skin feel so soft and gorgeous.
The substance itself is basically like a bit of soap and you can feel and see the microbeads in it, applying it to a wet face and lathering is quite refreshing.
I think it did unblock some of my pores, as I have noticed less spots since using it, but I do still get spots.
As I said, I've used it for months, a little less during the late stages of 2014 and early 2015, but I've gotten back into the routine of using it everyday and am loving it!

I love the packaging as well as it's a lovely shade of blue and it's easy to get enough product out!
It smells really nice and fresh as well, which is always good because who wants to be using a face wash that they can't stand the smell of? Not me!

To conclude, I can definitely say although my face did not remain clear in some occasions, I do think that it does do great things for my skin, definitely making it softer.
It is definitely good for keeping skin clear although I have had spots even after using this on a daily basis.
Saying that, I love the product and think it's a great credible face wash!

And as they are the UK's #1 Clear Skin brand, it's pretty clear they do an excellent job!

Thank you so much for reading this post and please leave any comments of any other posts you'd like to see me do and I will see what I can do!

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