Sunday, 17 May 2015

What YouTubers Have Taught Me

Hiya everyone!
So recently I'd been thinking about how people criticise youtubers for all kinds of reasons and it just got me thinking, that in actual fact, for me personally, they have taught me a lot and got me through some not so nice times. They really don't deserve any of the crap that people give them and I think it's incredible what they have achieved! Here is a few things that youtubers have taught me!

* About me as a person
I didn't really know what was happening to me and was really confused, but when I saw Zoella's Anxiety video and blog posts, I felt comforted as I began to realise I wasn't alone in what was happening to me and it just gave me such a sense of comfort and I'm honestly so so grateful for everything she has done.

* Make the most of the littlest things
Something youtubers have taught me is to make the most of everything, as anything can be fun if you make it fun. It's definitely helped me get more out of some of the things I've done and been to, just because I've tried to make the most out of it and get as much happiness as I can out of it. Jonathon Joly definitely preaches this a lot and I've also learned this a lot from Zoella, and to be honest most of the youtubers!

* Makeup Techniques
I've learned so many makeup techniques over the years from people like Michelle Phan, MakeupByLeinaBaaaby, Tanya Burr, the list goes on! These tips have all been really beneficial to me!

* Product Tips
I've had so many product tips, from so many youtubers that it's impossible to list them all, but some of them being Zoella, MakeupbyLeinaBaaaby, Neesey, Eve Bennett, Tanya Burr, the list goes on considerably. I get to hear so many products mentioned and see so many items which helps me into picking what I'd like to choose and try myself.

* Seeing the funny side of unfortunate events
If things go wrong or awkward, I've learned to have a sense of humour over some of these incidents. Seeing the funny side can totally calm the situation down and help you in dealing with it!
This is partially due to Dan Howell aka Danisnotonfire, who manages to make uncool cool! His stories of incidents that have happened to him just gives you reassurance that you can still be an amazing person even with this unfortunate and awkward incidents happening to you!
Jarmaine aka Jlovesmac1 has also inspired me to develop my sense of humour.

* General lifestyle advice
Louise aka Sprinkleofglitter is honestly one of the most kind-hearted youtubers out there and I've taken in a lot of her advice and a lot of the positivity which she sends out to her subscribers. She has such a warm personality and it rubs off on you as a subscriber.

* It's great to be different and you shouldn't care about it
Neesey has an amazing personality and she has such a great attitude throughout her videos and it's inspired me to feel comfortable in doing what I want to do regardless of what others may think.
Lilly Singh aka Superwoman also has an amazing personality and stays true to herself which I think is really important!

* Make a Positive Change
Zoella, SprinkleofGlitter and IISuperwomanII have definitely inspired me to make positive changes to my life and push myself to do more things, even if I'm feeling a little anxious!

* Capture the memories
This is mostly inspired by Vivian Zhu who was one of the first people I watched that made actual vlogs about her day to day life, she and Zoella inspired me to capture these memories as they are great to look back on and it makes you feel good (especially if your memory isn't up to scratch for some things!)

Youtubers mentioned: - Zoella - The SacconeJolys - Michelle Phan - Leina - Tanya Burr - Neesey - Eve Bennett - Dan Howell - Jarmaine - Louise - Lilly Singh - Vivian Zhu

As you can see, I really appreciate the youtubers and YouTube culture. I honestly think they get too much criticism sometimes, often from people who don't understand what an amazing thing YouTube is and what it has given to people!

Thank you so much for reading this post!
Please feel free to comment below with anything you've learned from youtubers!
Also, this month is #MentalHealthAwarenessMonth!
If you haven't already seen, I did a little blog post about it

Once again thank you for reading!

Love & hugs
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