Thursday, 16 July 2015

Let's Reflect: Secondary School (Part 1) & Leavers Ball

Hey everybody!

Sit yourself down and get comfy, cos I have a feeling this post is gonna be on the long side!
Just over a few weeks ago, I finished sixth form. And it hasn't really sunk in properly yet that I won't be going back. It's a crazy and emotional thought and it does make me feel sad/nervous everytime I think about it.

Leavers Ball was an absolutely amazing night to end it all, I ended up on the dancefloor for about almost 3 hours straight. Everybody looked so incredible and it was so nice to be with everybody again. I had a bit of a bad attack of hayfever before however, and had to make a dash to the nearest pharmacy for an eyebath as my eyes were literally itchy and watering so much because of hayfever. But alas, they were fine during the actual ball itself! I literally enjoyed myself so much and just got lost amongst the music and the atmosphere and upon returning home, was so upset to change out of the dress I'd worn as I absolutely loved it and don't know particularly when I'll get another chance to wear it.
It was from Quiz and it felt amazing on and made me feel good.
I did have a little bit of anxiousness, but managed to control it luckily, which I was quite proud of myself for doing and still managed to have an absolutely great night and spent it with my favourites.

~ picture coming soon

I started secondary school in 2008 and it's hard to believe how much has changed since then.
I've made so so many new friends and had so many new experiences during school, had the funny times and the bad times.

I can look back on each year and feel happy with what happened, even if there are a few regrets within each year, good things happened and lessons were learnt and life went on.

There has been a lot of life lessons learnt throughout the years and even though my anxiety made it difficult throughout the later years, I do feel like it's been an amazing experience and there are a lot of people who I miss who left at the end of Year 11 and also those who were in sixth form with me. Even the ones I never really spoke to, they are all as important as each other. We're a year group and together there isn't anybody else like us.

The Year I probably miss the most is Year 9, as I was with my best friend in literally almost every class, and we had a nice group of people and it was just such a funny year. I don't think I've ever laughed so much as I did in Year 9.
So many memorable stories and events that me and my best friend still laugh at to this day, happened in Year 9.

In particular, one of the stand out moments from secondary school was passing my maths GCSE in Year 10/11. I'd struggled with maths since forever and I think I've mentioned before that even one of my teachers told my parents at parents evening that she didn't know what else I could do as I was trying my best and coming to after school sessions and completing all of the practice questions, which at the time wasn't great cos it was like she was giving up on me.
However, I owe the reason I passed maths, to one of the maths assistant teachers who never ever gave up on me.
He was the one who continually helped me through so many questions and things in the specification and honestly put so much work into helping me (and a few others of us that were struggling)
I can't ever thank him enough for being such a star and staying back after school to repeat more things that wouldn't stay in my brain and to get me through more questions. I felt less embarrassed to ask him questions because he wouldn't treat me like an idiot he would help me properly.
One of the other reasons why I think he is an incredible person was because he never once got irritated with me even when I made ridiculous amounts of "oops'" as he called them and struggled relentlessly. He had a good sense of humour and was able to bring that to the maths after school clubs, which made us all feel very at ease and calm.
He also continually told me to believe in myself and that he believed I could do this, which for what its worth was really lovely of him and honestly I'm not told that often so to be given such motivation was good of him.
I cannot thank him enough for everything he did for me. I will always remember him and have fond memories of every thing he did which helped me. He never underestimated my potential and continually reassured me and believed in me, even when I didn't believe in myself. I will be eternally grateful for that.

Basically, if you are still at school right now, make the most of it because honestly the little things you will be grateful for and miss.
Like the fact I'm never going to do Aerobics to Flip N Fill and Basshunter with my PE class.
Or being in Science class and literally having to hold it together because of the amount of things that happened which would amuse me.
Or sitting in the sixth form area in a circle of your friends just chatting because well you have a free period?
Or chatting to my IT teacher who used to be my form teacher who used to finish off most sentences with #justsayin.
School days are amazing and there's so many opportunities for good memories, so make sure you're embracing it.
My life has honestly changed so much throughout secondary school and I'm glad that I can hold my hands up and say that even though it could get tough (and even rough) at times, I've enjoyed my time there and I'm going to REALLY REALLY MISS it!
I don't feel I've got into as much detail as I wanted to, so I may follow this up in the future with another post, but for now... thank you so much for reading this blog post! My blog means a lot to me so it is great to get feedback!

Love & hugs
Claire xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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