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June/July 2015 Favourites

Hi everybody!

I'm aware that I didn't do a June Favourites, mainly because I was really busy with exams and then Leavers Ball prep! And just generally everything!
So to make up for it, I'm doing a June/July favourites combined!! Admittedly, it's mainly just lip products and songs, but hey, let's get on with it!

Nivea Lip Butter:
This has been used so much by me over the last 2 months, it's such a good moisturising lip butter and doesn't have any colour or anything which is perfect to apply just before putting a lipstick on to ensure lips are moisturised and not dry! The packaging in my opinion is so cute too, perfect to throw in your bag!

Rimmel Asia Lipstick:
I'm probably going to do a proper post on this as I love it so much. This was the shade I wore to Leavers Ball and I'm just so so glad I bought it, it's one of my favourites of all time! It's great quality and is a nice shade!

Zoella Kissy Missy Lipbalm:
I bought this recently and oh my gosh. I love it. It became constantly used whilst being on holiday as lipbalms/lip crayons have a nicer consistency in the hot weather. I did a full review of the product here if you would like to read it:

Rimmel Colour Rush LipBalm: Give Me A Cuddle:
Another lip crayon which has been super handy in the warm(ish) weather we've had lately, this gorgeous pink shade has been good to sweep on before leaving the house and also leaves my lips not only moisturised but a gorgeous colour! I know mine has unfortunately spent too much time in my bag and the name has scratched off!

Pharrell Williams - Freedom
I first heard Pharrell's performance of this on a televised showing of his Glastonbury performance, and was really excited to hear the actual version. It's quickly become one of those songs I replay again and again and listen to multiple times during the day! It's addictive.

Beyonce - Crazy In Love
Yes, I know it's old. And yes it's one of my all time favourite songs. But I couldn't not mention it in my favourites this month, as it has been a prominent part of this month! One of my favourites memories was dancing to it not once but twice at Leavers Ball (don't know why it played twice but not complaining!!) with my friends and just being in my element. It brings back funny memories as just as I'd gone to get a drink it played the second time and one of my friends ran off to find me as the rest of them were waiting for me hahaha! Also, in Eastenders, Fatboy was DJing and playing Crazy In Love at Les and Pam's Centenary. Which is combining two favourites.

Flo Rida ft Robin Thicke - I Don't Like It, I Love It
This song makes me feel emotional, I think it's because it played at Leavers Ball and I have emotional memories of dancing and attempting to get my friends to get up to dance while this song was playing. Also I'm usually a fan of Flo Rida's work, I don't know what it is, he just makes genuinely good catchy pop/R&B. This is no different and another catchy track with a chorus sung by Robin Thicke.

Kanye West - All Day
I remember hearing this first at the BRITs 2015 and not really hearing much of it due to the amount that was silenced. However, I've recently been listening to it a lot lately and have grown to like it a lot more!

The Weeknd - Can't Feel My Face: 
I seem to be getting obsessed with the Weeknd lately and I was talking to one of my friends about how "sexy" his voice is. I'm really loving his music at the moment and this just gets stuck in my head and I burst into it at random moments.

John Newman - Come & Get It
And so this is another song that I have a tendency to replay and replay. It's SO CATCHY! And I can't think of anything bad to say about this song.

5 Seconds Of Summer - She's Kinda Hot
This song truly surprised me. I wasn't expecting to become such a fan of it, but I honestly love it so much. From the title, everything was a surprise to me when I heard the actual song. It's more 'rockier' than their other releases but I find it extremely catchy and the music in it puts me in such a good mood. Love it! My favourite lyric is 'When you've got bigger plans that no-one else understands you've got a shot though' and I've got a blog post on it coming up potentially soon!

Nothing But Thieves- Tripswitch
I heard this whilst away on holiday and loved it so much. I'm not sure how it's done in the charts but it deserves to be quite high, it's different to a lot of the stuff out at the moment and very catchy. I'm a big fan of this!

Avicii - Waiting For Love
I went through a major Avicii phase during July and this being released at the time was one of the songs that set me off. I'm a sucker for dance music, amongst other kinds and at first listen I wasn't majorly grabbed but I've recently been listening to it loads and definitely love it now!

The B52's - Loveshack
I wasn't going to add this in here because it wasn't a "favourite" it's more of a song which brings back happy memories of Leavers Ball. Me and my friend were 'slightly' tipsy whilst this played and it just brings back good memories.

Queen - Don't Stop Me Now
Another song which brings back amazing memories of when all of my friends were on the dancefloor at Leavers Ball all in a little circle and we were singing along and dancing to this. Just so many good memories and I've been listening to quite a few Queen tracks lately!

Thank you for reading this slightly delayed June/July favourites! I'm very sorry it was delayed but there has been a lot going on at the moment and I had to gather all the photos and whittle down the song list to a reasonable amount (there was a lot more, I seem to be loving a lot of songs at the moment)

I'd love to read any of your favourites!

Thanks again for reading! I appreciate it!

Love & hugs
Claire xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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  1. I agree about John Newman's 'Come and Get It' - so catchy! X