Friday, 4 September 2015

10 Reasons Why I Love Beyonce

Hi everybody! Slightly different post today, but seeing as the fabulous lady herself turns 34 today, I thought I would do a post dedicated to her as she is one of my favourite celebrities and notably, one of my favourite singers.

Here we have 10 Reasons Why I Love Beyonce!!

1: Her voice
I cannot get over Beyonce's voice. It is just truly dazzling, she seems to hardly ever hit messy notes and her vocal range is outstanding. She can do the highs the lows, the raps and the soft notes. I'm always absolutely so impressed when watching performances from her live as she really gives it her all and just sounds amazing every single time. It really is my dream to see her live as I'm sure it would be an absolutely incredible performance vocally.

2: Her dancing
If I was to see Beyonce live, another reason why it would be an amazing show would be her dancing and her overall performance. You can just feel how much she is giving it her all and just owns the stage. Not all these artists can do it, although clearly Beyonce can. She always seems to give everything she can to every performance and that really signifies a true performer.

3: Her femininity
Beyonce always aims to make us females feel good and empowered and always tries to teach people about equality and why it is important. I love the way she is always raising the game for females and generally motivating us all.

4: Her Versitality
Beyonce has the ability to sing in different music genres and her voice seems to suit any kind of song, she has the ability to be able to OWN any song she chooses to sing and that is an amazing quality and proves how much of an incredible singer she really is.

5: The way she changes up the game
Beyonce is a legend. It's all too obvious, she is iconic and one of the reasons she is so iconic is because she changes up the game. She released her entire album without any notice whatsoever and it managed to sell spectacularly well.

6: Her sassiness
I can't believe it's taken to number 6 before I mention her sassiness. Queen B is literally queen of sass and I love her for it.

7: Her music videos
Her music videos are always so well put together and always worth the watch! I can't decide on my favourite although I do have a huge spot for Crazy In Love, Single Ladies, Flaws and All and Pretty Hurts! Also the dance routines in the videos are on point!

8: Her quotes
Beyonce has made some pretty motivating and worthwhile quotes over the years and I just feel like some of the things she says are refreshing and help you to think more carefully about life and how you're living it.

9: Her fun personality
Beyonce seems to really lighten up wherever she is and when she released 711 in November 2014, it was another big example of how she can still make an epic song whilst letting loose and not taking things so seriously. She has the ability to do so and still be taken seriously as an artist and as a performer.

10: Her face/body
OK so I couldn't get away with a Beyonce related post without talking about how beautiful she is! She's one of my "girl crushes" and not only for me either I know that loads and loads and loads of people think Beyonce is gorgeous. Which she is. That woman is literally beyond stunning. She just looks good with any style. Need I say any more?

Wow. I could have gone on for ages but I thought 10 is a good number.
All my Beyonce fans please tell me any other things you love about Queen B :)!
I'd also love to know your favourite Beyonce songs, please comment and leave them below!

My favourite Beyonce songs would probably be Crazy In Love, Halo, 7/11, Love On Top, Single Ladies, Schoolin' Life, Pretty Hurts, Flaws & All, Work It Out, Flawless, Freakum Dress, If, Xo, Grown Woman. As you can see I can't pick just one hahaha!!!

Thank you so much for reading this post!
I hope you enjoyed it!

And before I end this post, Happy 34th Birthday Beyonce! Hope it's a wonderful one!

Love & hugs
Claire xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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