Tuesday, 27 October 2015

BlogTober 27: Why I Love The SacconeJolys

BlogTober Day 27:
This post is going to be about The SacconeJolys and why I love them so much.

If you haven't heard of them before, they are an Irish family living in the UK who make daily vlogs.
There is Jonathan and Anna who are married, with their 2 children Emilia and Eduardo and also the dogs Albi, Sina, Bianca, Theo, Nivea and Nuvola.

Earlier in the year I began watching their vlogs daily and I found it very refreshing and took my mind off a lot of things that were going on.
They are honestly so loveable, I feel that they all have such individual and interesting personalities which really shine through in the videos. You honestly can't sit back and watch a SacconeJoly video without smiling at least once throughout. I find their videos can instantly change my mood into a happy or positive one.

I think what makes them particularly loveable is that they have everyday life vlogs and it is just so cute to watch, Jonathan in particular makes you feel included and is very welcoming and seems like such a great guy.
Anna is really funny too and I feel she can be relatable as well as Inspirational. She pulls the most hilarious meme worthy facial expressions and is extremely likeable.

Emilia and Eduardo are definitely lucky to have such fab parents and are just as entertaining themselves Emilia has even began trying to blog herself in recent times.

for me, The SacconeJolys have honestly become one of my favourite youtubers particularly this year. I feel their video are a great escapism and perfect for chilling out to in the evening, catching up.

It is clear they put so much effort and care so much about their family and their viewers and aim to produce the best content whilst being great and amazing parents. I feel they do this well.

As well as the main family channel, Anna and Jonathan both have their own separate channels where they produce their own content aside from the family vlogs.
These are just as interesting and I feel it is great to see them sit down and talk about certain topics as well as day to day life family vlogging on the main channel.

I am very grateful I discovered the SacconeJolys, ultimately I have to thank Zoe for that if she hadn't have mentioned them began vlogging with them, I may never have discovered them.

if you havent already become a friendliest friend, you should go check them out on YouTube.

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Love and hugs
Claire xxxxxxx

Saturday, 24 October 2015

In Memory

Hi everyone!
Today's post is going to be in memory of a certain little pooch which unfortunately was taken from my life during February. She would have been 11 years old today and even though it has been just over 8 months since her passing, I still can't believe she isn't going to come wandering into the room on the hunt for whoever looks like they're eating something she fancies.

She was a little Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who belonged to my Auntie who passed away 2 years ago.
Because of my auntie's death, she had nowhere else to go and we kept her as we had treasured her loving yet cheeky personality over the years. She had such a hilarious personality and would always look for cats during her walks, always be there staring when you were eating something and always greet you with a lick whenever you entered the room.

Although she struggled with heart conditions, she still made the most out of life and had the personality and looks of a puppy, to which a lot of people around the neighbourhood agreed. Although the vet had warned us she could go very suddenly, due to her heart problems which were getting worse as she aged. 10 years is a lot for a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

However I could never have imagined or expected her death to be as traumatic as it was. It was already quite a difficult time for me as my mum wasn't very well. She was in hospital and even though it was a difficult time, on that particular day, I'd actually had quite a good time. I had been filming some shots for my music video Media Studies coursework with one of my best friends and we'd had a great time in the park getting some shots completed. When I got home later on, I began taking selfies with her, little did I know these would be the last photos I ever took with her, and the light wasn't on and I decided against using the flash, so the majority of the pictures are dark. It is quite eerie to look at those images now, as I was so unaware of what was coming.

After taking the selfies, she seemed to be interested in what was cooking in the kitchen, (roast chicken),  I went upstairs and was upstairs on my laptop, about to do my eyebrows. All of a sudden, I heard an ear-piercing scream. As she's a dog who frequently sneaked up on us and we've all accidentally nearly tripped over her or lightly caught one of her paws, I at first thought perhaps my dad had accidentally caught her. But the length of the scream and the pitch just seemed to increase that it seemed unlikely. I was thinking, what the hell is going on down there? It was then that my dad shouted up to me to help him out. I rushed down the stairs not quite knowing what I was going to find.
My dad was holding her up, as she was collapsing on the kitchen floor. A very horrific sight to have to see. We gently got her out of the hard kitchen floor and lay her on the soft carpet while my dad rang the vets and they said bring her straight in.
Not long after, she started having a fit, and I felt so helpless, stood there in floods of tears and heart racing, not knowing how on earth this could have happened, when just 15 minutes ago she was licking my face and being beside me in selfies.

Now we were on our way to the vets, stroking her paw to try and let her know I was still there, as her eyes looked quite startled and vague, it was just a horrible sight to remember and see and I just felt so sick and an absolute wreck. When we got to the vets, the Vet seemed to insist it was the right thing to do to put her down which was very difficult. I can't even put into words how awful it was. I don't really want to think about the rest as it was very painful and leaving the Vets without her was just sickening especially as she had been completely fine earlier today. I felt sick when I got home and I couldn't eat. The house felt so quiet without her.

It has been just over 8 months since she passed away, the house still feels quiet without her and it's certainly different adjusting to being without a dog in your life, even though she was only properly living with us for a year and a half, she brought so much personality and changed my life so much. She was a great distraction for when anxiety got bad, she was just always able to make me smile.

I do have some great memories of her however. And those memories and those photos and those videos are very precious. It's so strange as this is the first birthday of hers to pass since her death but I know I will always remember her and she will always be there in my heart and mind.

Love & hugs
Claire xxxx

Saturday, 10 October 2015

World Mental Health Day

Hi! As some of you may or may not know, today is World Mental Health Day. One in four adults and one in ten children are reportedly likely to suffer with a mental illness in any given year, according to mentalhealth.org. And what's more, only a quarter of them are actually seeking professional help for it, which is quite scary when you think about it.

I definitely think more education is needed surrounding mental illness and I think it should definitely be understood more as I still believe although there has been vast improvements of education, there is still a lot of uncertainty and general difficulties with fully understanding mental illness. Although I do think that everyone's experiences are different, it is important to try and teach some vital signs of what to look out for so if you know someone suffering you can be there for them as best they can and they know they have you got support. Also, it is important to remember that everyone has different abilities and some people may find different things difficult. I think the hardest part for some people who don't have a mental illness is that they perhaps don't understand why tasks or situations cause stress or sadness to someone suffering, when they are perfectly capable to do it themselves. Like I said, we all have different abilities and if you don't understand why someone is struggling with a particular thing, don't make them feel a failure or incapable.

One of the worst feelings for someone suffering is that someone doesn't understand what they are going through. And it's tough. I try to live with an open mind and an open heart to such conditions, it's certainly something anxiety has taught me.

The main approach for this year is the subject of dignity and World Mental Health are tackling the issue by ensuring people share Fundamental Facts on social media, so that people with mental health problems still have dignity. This is something which I strongly believe. People with mental health conditions should not have to sacrifice or lose any of their dignity because of their illness. It simply should not happen. For many people, self-esteem or self-confidence can be difficult and if their dignity is under threat to it's even more difficult. It's easy to be unintentionally ignorant but by trying to understand the struggles or symptoms a person has, you can do your best to help their self-esteem pick up.

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Thank you so much for reading this blog post!

Love & hugs
Claire xxxx