Tuesday, 27 October 2015

BlogTober 27: Why I Love The SacconeJolys

BlogTober Day 27:
This post is going to be about The SacconeJolys and why I love them so much.

If you haven't heard of them before, they are an Irish family living in the UK who make daily vlogs.
There is Jonathan and Anna who are married, with their 2 children Emilia and Eduardo and also the dogs Albi, Sina, Bianca, Theo, Nivea and Nuvola.

Earlier in the year I began watching their vlogs daily and I found it very refreshing and took my mind off a lot of things that were going on.
They are honestly so loveable, I feel that they all have such individual and interesting personalities which really shine through in the videos. You honestly can't sit back and watch a SacconeJoly video without smiling at least once throughout. I find their videos can instantly change my mood into a happy or positive one.

I think what makes them particularly loveable is that they have everyday life vlogs and it is just so cute to watch, Jonathan in particular makes you feel included and is very welcoming and seems like such a great guy.
Anna is really funny too and I feel she can be relatable as well as Inspirational. She pulls the most hilarious meme worthy facial expressions and is extremely likeable.

Emilia and Eduardo are definitely lucky to have such fab parents and are just as entertaining themselves Emilia has even began trying to blog herself in recent times.

for me, The SacconeJolys have honestly become one of my favourite youtubers particularly this year. I feel their video are a great escapism and perfect for chilling out to in the evening, catching up.

It is clear they put so much effort and care so much about their family and their viewers and aim to produce the best content whilst being great and amazing parents. I feel they do this well.

As well as the main family channel, Anna and Jonathan both have their own separate channels where they produce their own content aside from the family vlogs.
These are just as interesting and I feel it is great to see them sit down and talk about certain topics as well as day to day life family vlogging on the main channel.

I am very grateful I discovered the SacconeJolys, ultimately I have to thank Zoe for that if she hadn't have mentioned them began vlogging with them, I may never have discovered them.

if you havent already become a friendliest friend, you should go check them out on YouTube.

Also go follow this blog twitter @EclairsCares

Love and hugs
Claire xxxxxxx

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