Sunday, 31 January 2016

5 Of My Favourite Fragrances


This post is going to be about five of my favourite scents! I am a huge lover of perfumes and body sprays so it was mega hard to pick just five! However I may do a part 2 of this in coming weeks if that would be interesting? Anyways, let's get down to my favourites!

* Beyonce Heat
Probably my favourite perfume, I would love this even if it wasn't Beyonce's. I'm really bad at describing scents, but this is a very sweet yet strong perfume. I've had quite a few compliments whilst wearing it and I do really adore it.

* Zoella Blistful Mistful
The scent of this is beautiful and I've probably raved about it already on here, but it is such a classic and calming scent and discretely flowery. It's not too in your face as it's a body mist, which is good to a certain extent but I do wish the scent was a little stronger. Saying that, it is a beautiful smell and the bottle is stunning and looks very instagram-worthy! It's also not as expensive as a perfume!

* Impulse Into Glamour
This is my all-time favourite bodyspray. I get a few compliments when I wear this which is nice, I feel like it's very fresh and not too flowery or fruity or in your face, it's quite musky. It mentions it smells of Sandalwood and Vanilla and I just find that it is very refreshing and definitely something you can wear on an everyday basis or if you need a quick go to bodyspray to pop in your bag, this is definitely the one! I've tried quite a few of the Impulse sprays and this one is definitely my favourite!

* Beyonce Heat Rush
I know for a fact I've raved about this before, done a review and everything! This is basically a fruitier and summery version of Heat, (mentioned earlier) and I found I was completely obsessed with it last summer! I have trouble deciding which is my 2nd favourite perfume of Beyonce's as I love a lot of them but coming to a decision, I've worn this one more than the others I own (apart from the original Heat) so I guess that speaks it for me!

* Cheryl Stormflower
Now left this one till last simply because I don't actually own it as a perfume, but every single time I'm near a perfume shop which sells it, I have to spray myself a tester or a little spritz as I go past. It smells so gorgeously fresh,which is what I love about it. I will more than definitely own it one day as it is one of my favourite scents, I just haven't quite got round to it yet as I have a few other sprays and perfumes to use up first.

So there we have it! 5 of my favourite fragrances!
I will more than likely do another in the future of 5 more of my favourite fragrances!

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  1. I haven't smelt any of these apart from the Impulse but that's because I use it lol! If I see any of these around I will give them a test :) Quick question, is your Impulse packaging still the same in the smaller cans as it was in the bigger ones? Over here they got rid of the big cans and replaced them with smaller gold ones. (Sorry, if that was confusing). Xx

    1. Ive not seen a mini version of Into Glamour on its own in ages, but in terms of the mini sized ones I don't think they are gold here? I will see if I can find a pic!
      Thankyou for the comment 💖