Thursday, 28 April 2016

Zoella Scrubbing Me Softly & Foam Sweet Foam Review

Hi everyone!

Today I thought I'd review two of the Zoella products from the Tuity Fruity range, which came out last summer! I've not done a Zoella Beauty review in a long time and I know I'm late with the review but I actually didn't purchase them in the summer of 2015 when they were first released, I got these as birthday and Christmas presents.

Foam Sweet Foam was given to me by one of my friends as part of Secret Santa and I was SO excited to receive it as I'd not used it before and very grateful that she knew me well enough to get a Zoella Beauty product! I was really excited to use it and luckily it didn't disappoint! It foams up a lot better than the Zoella Beauty Soak Opera which is both a shower creme and a bubble bath, so to be honest it's expected, as Foam Sweet Foam is strictly a shower gel. I was really impressed with the amount of lathering it produced and how strong the scent was. It is a really fruity and fresh smell which I think will be perfect for the summer months. As it is in the Tutti Fruity range, which was at the time of release, a brand new scent to the collection, it was exciting to try out the new scent and see how it would last. It does say it is Blueberry and Acai.

Scrubbing Me Softly is a sugar scrub with the gorgeous Tuity Fruity scent. As I'm a huge fan of my Boots Mango Sugar Scrub, which does an AMAZING job especially for the price, I wasn't sure how I'd take to this. However, I was impressed with how smooth it left me and how it too lathered up. It is gentle on the skin and definitely leaves a lovely smooth finish, with the gorgeous fruity and fresh smell that Foam Sweet Foam also carries. I was so excited that Zoe had added a scrub to her collection, especially as it was released in summer time.

To conclude, Foam Sweet Foam is excellent value and a great addition to the Zoella Beauty! I'd say I'd prefer it if the Scrubbing Me Softly was to be possibly £5 instead of £7, but none the less, you do get a good amount of product and to be honest they can't really price it cheaper than the bubble bath as the scrub is more of a luxury product. I'm so impressed with the gorgeous fruity scents that were picked for this range and think they would be loved by a lot of people and perfect for spring/summer!

However be quick to snap them up, as I noticed Zoe has tweeted saying the Tuity Fruity range will be leaving the shelves soon with the exception of the Let's Spritz spray. I for one am really sad about this as I love the scent of these products but hopefully the new additions to her Beauty line will be just as good!

I hope you enjoyed this review!

Love & hugs
Claire xxxxxxx

Sunday, 24 April 2016

First Ever MAC Purchase - MAC Rebel Lipstick Review

Hiya everyone!

So I'm not 100% sure why I've not written this blog post sooner to be honest with you, but it's finally here!

For Christmas, I was lucky enough to receive my first ever MAC product. I'd been looking at MAC lipsticks for a while, mostly drawn to Velvet Teddy, Lady Danger and Brave, but in the end went for Rebel, the sole reason being I thought it looked like a really individual shade and one that would be harder to find a cheaper dupe for in the high street.

I didn't really know what to expect from my first MAC product but I knew the quality would be really good and the staying power seemed like it was a lot better too. MAC lipsticks are highly raved about by everybody. This in mind, I was very excited to try it out.

The first thing I'll say is that don't be scared when you open the tube, if you don't do really really dark lip colours. I feel like Rebel looks a lot darker in its tube that it does on my lips, whether that's just my pale skin and my lip colour, I don't know, but it certainly goes a lot lighter on my lips than how it looks.

It feels really light and nice on the lips, with the 'traditional' MAC vanilla scent. Since Rebel is a "satin" finish it is really creamy and not drying. It's not hugely glossy which I love too! I was quite hooked on the satin finish to be honest as at the time of buying I hadn't tried any matte products (that's since changed and I LOVE matte now!) and I don't really tend to go for glossier sheer finishes. There is a huge amount of pigmentation which I think is great.

It is an absolutely stunning shade which I think would definitely suit a lot of skin tones which is always a bonus! Can be worn day or night too, definitely works both ways! I still think it's a hard shade to find an exact dupe for as darker shades tend to be. I'm really really glad that I chose this to be my first ever MAC product! It's one of my favourites!

I was definitely really really impressed with this lipstick and love wearing it! Definitely made me want more MAC lipsticks! Yes it is more expensive than the high street/drugstore lippies that I may usually purchase but I can definitely see why MAC lipsticks are so popular and dearly loved and that sometimes you do need to pay more for the best quality!

What was your first ever MAC purchase? Let me know in the comments, as well as anything else you have to say!

Love & hugs
Claire xxxxxxxxxx

Sunday, 10 April 2016

How To Make Any Lipstick Matte

Hey everyone!!

Today I thought I'd share one of the greatest makeup tips I've ever come across.

A tip on how to give any lip product a matte finish!! Something which I'm sure will save a lot of effort and money in terms of buying matte shades. As there's many lipstick finishes, it can be tricky trying to find your favourite shade in your preferred finish! So if you don't own many/any matte lip products fear not!

All you need is your choice of lip product and translucent powder!

Here I'm using Collection's Pressed Powder (Translucent) and my Rimmel Asia Lipstick 077

I do feel like these photos don't do it justice, but the lighting was hard to adjust to haha!

All you need to do is apply your lipstick or lip gloss as you normally would. I would also suggest definitely using a lip balm before to ensure your lips aren't too dry, especially when working with matte effects.

When you are finished, dab some powder on your finger and pat down across your lips. You could use a lip brush if this is easier, but I find using my finger is just fine.

Ensure that you have patted all of the powder in so that it blends in with your lip colour and isn't visible and you are good to go!

I can't say it's better than buying a matte lipstick, but it's definitely a game changer if you don't want to spend loads of money finding all of your favourite lip shades in matte finishes! I find it extremely useful! It definitely makes your lipstick last longer! The only thing I will say is that it sometimes will lighten how the colour looks on your lip slightly, particularly if you are using darker shades this is more noticeable.

I've been playing around with this tip for months now (until I lost my powder but I've bought another thanks to Superdrug's 3 for 2 offer across beauty!)

Obviously you can't beat buying a matte lipstick, but hopefully this tip will help some of you!

I hope you've enjoyed this blog post!

Love & hugs
Claire xxxxxx

Sunday, 3 April 2016

March 2016 Favourites

Hey everyone! Welcome to my March Favourites! I cannot believe it's April already. That is crazy!!
Here is the lowdown on what I've been enjoying this last month!

Maybelline 24 Hr Colour Tattoo Matte Eyeshadow - Creme De Rose 91
This is one of my many colour tattoos, as I've mentioned before I own a fair few of these as I love the quality of the products. This particular one makes a great base for other eyeshadows as it is a matte finish and a very pale rose/beige shade. It works well on its own and blended with others or as I mentioned as a base shade. It is really creamy and easy to apply with a variety of brush types. It's also not too bad price wise and was so happy when they brought out a few matte plainer shades as I own a lot of the sparklier shades so it's nice to have a simple one too.

Collection Base Coat
I've recently been painting my nails pretty much weekly and this base coat is the only ever base coat I've used! It works fab as a base for nail polish and also claims to smooth and protect your nails. Not only does it do that, but it protects from staining and reduces the appearances of nail irregularities, making your nails look a lot nicer. It's the only Base Coat I've ever used as it does everything and is a reasonable price!!

Little Mix - Mr Loverboy
I'll say this now, I've been loving Little Mix so much this month so a lot of my favourite songs are by them. Mr Loverboy is a track I completely forgot how much of a jam it was when I was re-listening to Salute. I've been loving it so much lately, it's a fine piece of R&B! If it had been released, it would have been a great summer track! It's definitely one of my favourite Little Mix songs! It also one I wished I'd seen live!

Little Mix - Grown
I've been obsessed with Grown lately too, keep just accidentally bursting into it! It's got the usual amount of sassiness which you can expect from the LM girls with a killer break which could be perhaps a dance break during each chorus. A winner for me!

Little Mix ft Jason Derulo - Secret Love Song
Told you I'm a bit Little Mix obsessed at the moment!! Secret Love Song is a gorgeous ballad which when I've seen the girls sing on TV programmes live, they slay with. They hit all the notes and it just shows off their incredible vocal ability, with an added extra of Mr Jason Derulo (another one of my faves!).

Rachel Stevens - More More More
Another song from my childhood which I recently rediscovered, this song is so catchy and easy to listen to. It's more dancey compared to her other tracks around at that time, but none the less, one of my favourites this month!

Zayn - Like I Would
When my best friend messaged me saying Zayn had a new song and it was slaying, I had to listen to it and this was before the album came out! I love it and really feel like Zayn's voice mixes well with the R&B beats. I feel as though his tracks are really fresh and different to a lot of the music in the charts right now.

Ant and Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway
I swear it's not just because it's sort of the unwritten rule that if you are a fellow Newcastle lass/Geordie you kind of have to love Ant and Dec, but this programme is absolute genius. The perfect Saturday night telly, Ant and Dec continue to slay every single TV programme they present. They are hands down my favourite presenting duo and I have loved them all my life. I feel like it's impossible to get through this show without smiling or laughing. A combination of hilarious celebrity pranks, undercover mischief and games, this is what Saturday night TV is all about! If you haven't watched it, the series has just ended so unfortunately we all have to wait another year for it to grace our screens again (sob!) but luckily Ant and Dec present a lot of programmes so it's not long to get another fix of them!!

Best Fiends
I've heard youtubers such as Gabbie at Velvetgh0st and Eve Bennett talk about Best Fiends but I never really decided to download it until I watched another youtuber talk about it which finally made me go do it. It's actually really addictive and fun to play. You have to kill as many slugs to take back the town.

Mini Eggs
As it's been Easter this month, I've been obsessed with Cadburys Mini Eggs as per usual!! They are basically little solid milk chocolate eggs in a crisp sugar shell, but they are just SO GOOD! And only come out once a year and usually only last as far as July so you can't save them for all year round (I check every year). Which is why I usually need to take advantage of when they are released. They are my favourites!

Thank you so much for reading and hope you have had a lovely month!

Love & hugs
Claire xxxxxxxxxxxx