Thursday, 21 July 2016

5 More of My Favourite: Fragrances

Hey everyone!

So all the way back in January, I compiled a list of some of my favourite scents, which you can read here
Today I thought I'd talk about 5 more fragrances which I love (some I own and some I don't!)
Please bare in mind I'm not the best at describing scents but I hope you still enjoy the post!

* Beyonce - Midnight Heat
One of my absolute favourite scents which I regretted not putting in my first post, is Midnight Heat. It is a muskier version of the original Heat scent and is perfect for night time or even if you fancy just smelling that little bit more luxurious during the day! It lasts so well and smells absolutely incredible, well worth a test sniff next time you are in Boots or Perfume Shop! If you wish to read an extended review of this, you can do so here, where I reviewed it last year.

* So.. Superstar Spray
I always feel like this is a sexy scent, it's quite a flowery kind of scent, one that makes you feel just a little bit more confident when wearing it. You can buy it in spray form as well but I think this was a gift set which had them as sprays.

* Impulse - Be Surprised Spray
Described as being Violets and Red Fruits this is a very gorgeously scented spray! It has quite a kick which I think is the red fruits overtaking the scent below it, I really enjoy wearing this scent and it's great for summer! The last few times I've tried to purchase it, I've not been able to find it so I'm really praying that they are still making it and that it hasn't been discontinued because I am a huge fan of it!

* JLO - Glow
This was the first perfume I ever owned and I actually can't find the bottle to take a photo of it, but it has a really sweet and strong scent which totally takes me back to when I began wearing it. It smells really fresh and sophisticated yet sweet. Definitely a perfume I always come back to!

* Little Mix - Gold Magic
Even though I don't own this Little Mix perfume, every time I'm in Boots I simply have to spray some onto a sample sheet. It's a truly captivating scent. Also, Little Mix are actually releasing a new perfume Wishmaker sometime soon, so that's exciting!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Which are your favourite scents/fragrances at the moment?

Love & hugs,
Claire xxxxxxx

Sunday, 17 July 2016

Anxiety: Things Aren't As Easy As They Seem

Hello everyone! I hope you're all doing well!

I've not done a mental health type post for what seems like a while but I feel like out of the content I write, they are the most important.

In this post, I'm going to be talking about difficulties with anxiety and difficulties which may not be understood by others who perhaps may not deal with things like it.

I'll start off pretty simply by saying things are not as easy as they seem. I mean that in the sense that, some things can be more difficult for other people to do, other things that people who don't suffer with anxiety or any other kind of mental illness or hidden condition may not find difficult or can do with ease. It's extremely frustrating to feel that way or to feel that things take a lot more effort and power when they don't for others. It's kind of like you're always alert and never really get to properly shut down and unwind because even the things which are supposed to be fun and unwinding cause "anxiety" and that's something I regret to say happens to me. I love going out and about and doing stuff and to be honest, living, but it ain't half tricky sometimes! And it's not the way it's supposed to be and it's not the way I want it, but I have keep pushing myself on and seeing how I feel, whether I think I can face that today, whether I will be able to face it, whether I can even put myself in that scenario.

I've written a list of some of the things which can be particularly tricky for some:

* Travelling on public transport
* Eating out at a restaurant
* Meeting friends
* Doctors/dentist appointments
* School lessons/lectures
* Talking on the phone
* Asking for help in shops
* Going to a concert or show
* The cinemas
* Going on holiday
* Busy crowds/queues
* Environments where it's hard to "leave"

All these things I love (well excluding a few!) however regrettably and through no way I wish it to be, I do struggle with these things. I feel like sometimes people assume that anxiety only affects things that you maybe don't want to do or things that are "boring" and forget that they can just as easily affect things that you want to do and that you need to do.

There's no way I would choose to feel anxious meeting my friends to go for a meal or travelling on a public transport coach (REALLY struggle with that) but the truth is I can't help it and not being able to help it is the worst part.

The truth is anxiety DOES make everything 10 times harder and therefore you're often 10 times more tired because you are working double hard to do everything you do and sometimes it just doesn't feel like much of a achievement. But it really is. I'm guilty of not praising or giving myself a break for something which I usually struggle with and managing to do it (or managing to do it without too much damage being done!)

Basically what I'm trying to get across in this post is to be open and understanding about what others may find difficult. Please. You have no idea how much courage the person is already using up and they don't need any more pressure from others making them feel stupid or weird because they find some things difficult or harder.

Please be open to any adjustments they may wish you to make, it's not something they're choosing to do for a laugh, it may make a real difference in how the situation or event affects them.

I just wanted to put it out there that even what may seem the simplest to someone, could be really difficult or scary for someone else. That's the thing about mental illnesses or hidden conditions, everybody is different and everyone has their own strengths and their own weaknesses and may not be able to find some things very easy to complete. But that doesn't mean they can't do it, they just struggle and may not always be able to do things at that point, some days are easier than others. Please note that everyone has their own abilities and if others take longer to do certain tasks or to feel more comfortable doing things then it's OKAY! Make them feel comfortable! I just feel like people need to be aware of the fact that especially for me, anxiety can make day to day things very difficult and sometimes I may feel like I can't do things or may need small adjustments to get me through and to make things a little easier from the fact my whole body is working ten times harder trying to get me through.

Also please share to others who you may feel may benefit from this post and I hope you reading this, right now are in a good place and feel cherished and stress-free. Anxiety does make things even we wish not to be more difficult and that's unfair but you must take care of yourself and take care for what you need.

Thank you so much for reading, as always!

Love & hugs,
Claire xxxxxxxxx

Thursday, 14 July 2016

Sleek Matte Me Lip Cream Shabby Chic Review


Today's blog is focused on the Sleek Matte Me lip cream in the shade 'Shabby Chic'. It is one of the newer editions to the collection, I believe it was released a few months ago.
Following the amount of love I have for Birthday Suit, which you can read a review on here, I decided to try out some of the other shades on offer to see if they were as appealing to me as this.

Shabby Chic is a very hard colour to describe as I personally feel it looks different in various lighting. It is a type of muted pink nude, but I find it looks like a dark berry tone sometimes, in certain lightings. It also sometimes looks a little like the Birthday Suit one, which is a brown toned nude. Basically what I'm trying to say is that it looks different shades depending on the light, making it hard to indefinitely put a shade to it!

The same lip colour but in different lighting, see what I mean?

Saying that, I do love the colour it gives! It's a very pretty shade and I'm definitely a fan! As it's a newer edition to Sleek's Matte Me collection, it has a smaller doe foot applicator, which they appeared to alter to the that size, presumably to allow for more precise application.

I do feel like this is a little more drying than Birthday Suit, although I've definitely read other reviews stating that the newer creams are a little more drying than the original shades. However it's not awfully drying, as it gives a very smooth matte finish and it wouldn't stop me using it, as with the right care beforehand with lip balm, can ensure that your lips don't suffer too badly from the matte finish.

In terms of staying power, it's definitely got a great amount, you may need to apply again after food or drink, but it doesn't wear off entirely and the majority stays put. It's not overly obvious when it fades, but I think this is down to the shade of the cream, some shades fade worse than others and look more obvious.

To conclude, I would say that I'm very glad I picked this matte lip cream up, it's definitely a great addition to my makeup collection and I love the colour and indeed the finish! It's another Sleek liquid lipstick which has impressed me!

Do you own any of the Sleek matte lip creams? Also, if you have any other recommendations of liquid lipsticks, please leave them in the comments! I'm definitely aiming to try a few of NYX's too!

Love & hugs
Claire xxxxxxxx

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Newbies: In My Nail Collection

Hey everyone! (Ooh a little bonus blog of the week, aren't you a lucky bunch.. ;)

I wasn't actually intending to post today, but I actually figured I would share my newest additions to my nail collection. I have just realised I've actually never done a haul before and I thought I'd begin a new 'Newbies' series.

Today whilst in Asda, I came across the beauty aisle (as you do!) and realised they were reducing some items to clear. That's always something to take note of in stores especially supermarkets which sell makeup, they will sometimes have little boxes of stuff to clear. I've got myself quite a few bargains from reduced makeup, which is perfectly fine in condition, is just being reduced to make room for new stock.

Today I managed to score 3 of Maybelline's Colour Show 60 Seconds nail polishes for 75p each. Yes 75p! I've actually not bought nail polish for myself in ages (apart from 1 at the very start of the year) as I was convinced I had too many and didn't need any more, despite there being a lot I wanted to try. I did recently have a bit of a clear out so I felt it was slightly better to buy a few more and especially at a bargain price! Especially as I've been painting my nails weekly lately.

Please excuse the white mark on 'Pink Boom' it seems the price sticker residue did not want to remove itself!

The first one I picked up is a baby pink shade under the name 'Pink Boom'. I actually feel like I'm lacking a baby pink of this shade in my collection and it looks like a lovely colour and perfect for the summer time!

The second is actually a top coat, but it is the shade 'Black Magic' which is a winner for me initially due to my huge amount of love for Little Mix. I don't really own many topcoats and I just thought it would make a nice addition to a plain polish and give me a little sparkle when I feel like I'm a glittery/sparkly mood (which can be often).

The third is a bright dark blue shade going by the name of 'Broadway Blues'. I think I do already own a polish similar to it but it's probably a little old now. I do love the shade as even though it's a dark blue it still manages to be bright and colourful.

I do own a Maybelline Colour Show 60 Seconds polish in the shade Urban Coral and it's a truly nice coral colour so I'll have to see how I go with these, as most of my nail polishes tend to be Miss Sporty or Rimmel!

Thank you so much for reading this post and do let me know if you have tried these and if you would like a review on them! And any views on my new Newbies series.

Love & hugs
Claire xxxxxxxx

Sunday, 10 July 2016

Zoella Beauty Double Creme Body Cream Review

Hey there everyone!

Welcome back! Today I'm reviewing Zoella's Double Creme Body Cream, a product in her brand new Sweet Inspirations range, released only a couple of weeks ago.

I was excited when I heard that Zoe was releasing another collection and when it finally arrived in my nearest Superdrug store, I decided to purchase this body cream as my first addition, as I was unsure of how the scent would be. I was a little apprehensive about this range as I was worried it would be too coconut heavy, as it was described as macaron scented and I'm not the biggest lover of some coconut type scents.

However, I needn't have worried because the scent is absolutely beautiful. I've heard others describe it as being a very layered scent and I completely agree. There are a lot of different scents to it and it takes me a while to fully describe what it really smells like.
On the back of the tube it says it is enriched with sweet almond oil, caocao and honey. It also mentions a little earlier it is macaron scented. Putting that aside, I feel like it smells a little bit like custard, but I can really get the almond and the honey scents. It smells very very creamy and sweet, like some sort of dessert treat. I personally haven't decided if I prefer it to the other Zoella Beauty scents as I am a huge, huge, lover of the classic scent and of Tuity Fruity.

It is extremely creamy and I feel like it makes your skin feel softer than the other body lotions in Zoella's range although this may be because it is actually a body cream and therefore is enriched with more ingredients to make your skin softer. That being said, it makes it perfect for the summer months when your skin may become dry or need regular moisturising after being out in the heat! It also sinks into your skin a lot faster than the other products in Zoe's range does, so you don't need a lot of product to get a good covering!

The packaging itself is absolutely adorable and very 20s! I completely love the whole look of the range and how the packaging has been presented and designed. I know Zoe wanted it to be very pale patisserie style/ French vibes and it looks really dainty and visibly pleasing.

I've got to say, I'm very impressed with this product and it has definitely made me want to try some of the other new additions to her beauty range!

Do you own any of Zoella's new Sweet Inspirations range? Let me know!

Love & hugs,
Claire xxxxxxxx

Friday, 1 July 2016

Strictly Come Dancing Tag

Hey everyone!

Today's post is going to be talking about Strictly Come Dancing and a 30 day challenge tag.
So I'm not sure who came up with this 30 Day challenge, so I'm not taking any credit. Also instead of doing a 30 day challenge, I'm putting it all into one blog post! I thought that in honour of the Strictly 2016 professional dancers announcement, I'd do this tag!

Also, this took me ages to do as I had to find all the links and scroll through the Wikipedia pages to make sure I didn't forget any dances I loved!

1. Dance with your favourite male pro
Absolutely love this, Kimberley Walsh and Pasha Kovalev's Charleston from 2012. This infectious little number is just so fab and charming.

2. Dance with your favourite female pro
Jake and Janette's Salsa is definitely one of the best dances of all time on the show, Janette being one of my favourite pros, it was absolutely sensational.

3. Dance with your favourite female celeb
I was full on Team Frankie during the 2014 series of Strictly, I chose this Quickstep as it's actually one I saw during the Strictly tour and it brings back good memories!

4. Dance with your favourite male celeb
I found it really hard to choose so I picked Harry Judd and Aliona Vilani's Argentine Tango. It was definitely very tricky picking a favourite male celeb.

5. Favourite dance featuring a SCD winner
Alesha Dixon's Jive with Matthew Cutler is my joint favourite dance of hers (my other is mentioned later on, be sure to spot it!)

6. Favourite dance from a movie week
Kind of have to have Jay McGuiness and Aliona Vilani's Jive in here really!!

7. Favourite dance from a Halloween week
I really enjoyed the choreography in Helen George and Aljaz Skorjanec's Samba from last year's Halloween episode. It was definitely a highlight!

8. Favourite dance from a Blackpool week
Suzanna Reid and Kevin Clifton's Paso Doble absolutely blew everything away.

9. Favourite dance from a celeb gone to soon
I always feel like Ashley Taylor Dawson and Ola Jordan exited too early from the series in 2013. I think Ashley is fab and he was a great dancer too, it would have been nice if he had gotten a little further. Here I have added their jive.

10. A routine you would love to perform
Hard to choose but eventually went for Kimberley Walsh and Pasha Kovalev's Salsa to Naughty Girl by Beyonce. Everything about this would have been amazing to do. Also finishing up as runners up would be Kimberley and Pasha's Charleston as I mentioned earlier it is so charming.

11. A routine that always makes you smile
Scott Mills and Joanne Clifton's Under the Sea themed Samba is definitely one I will always go back to. It is what Strictly is all about. Such entertainment and I loved Scott and Joanne's partnership, you could tell they are great friends.

12. Dance with a celeb that surprised you
I was always really surprised at the comments that were received for Rochelle Humes and Ian Waite's salsa in the Christmas episode in 2013. I'd love to see Rochelle do a full series despite the judges not particularly favouring this performance! I loved it however!

13. A guilty pleasure routine
Jeremy Vine and Karen Clifton's jive is a hugely memorable one for me, definitely everything fun!

14. Favourite routine from a Musicals week
Abbey and Aljaz's Saturday Night Fever themed Salsa from 2013 is so infectiously fun that it just had to be put here.

15. Favourite dance from The Peoples Strictly
Cassidy Little and Natalie Lowe's Paso Doble was my favourite at the Peoples Strictly from 2015.

16. Favourite showdance
Kellie Bright and Kevin Clifton's incredible showdance from last series is everything.

17. Favourite Cha Cha Cha
I still remember watching this and absolutely loving it, Alesha Dixon and Matthew Cutler's brilliant Cha Cha to Beyonce.

18. Favourite Waltz
OK slight cheat here, but a Viennese Waltz is still a waltz right?! Kellie and Kevin's Viennese Waltz to Oom Pa Pa was my favourite of that night. Suited them perfectly!!

19. Favourite Charleston
Took me a while to choose a favourite Charleston as a lot of the dances I end up loving are those! However after some choosing, I picked Georgia May Foote and Giovanni Pernice's Charleston. The dance which led Craig to say that he would have her for the West End.

20. Favourite Jive
My favourite jive is by far Chelsee Healey and Pasha Kovalev's Shrek themed jive from 2011!

21. Favourite Rumba
Torn on choosing a Rumba but Rachel Stevens and Vincent Simone's Rumba was a beautiful one!

22. Favourite Foxtrot
I really like Frankie Bridge and Kevin Clifton's foxtrot from 2014. Her outfit was really pretty and the routine was fab.

23. Favourite Tango
I'm a big fan of Pixie Lott and Trent Whiddon's Tango. I also really want to know how long it took to do Pixie's hair, because I didn't think it was a wig.

24. Favourite Quickstep
I feel like this has been a very Pasha filled tag but this Grease themed Quickstep will always be a fave from 2014 with Caroline Flack!

25. Favourite Paso Doble
Anita and Gleb's paso doble has to be probably my favourite, although there's many in the running! I had the pleasure of seeing it live at the tour in February and the atmosphere was electric! P.S Gleb we will miss you!!

26. Favourite Salsa
Caroline and Pasha's Salsa for many reasons!

27. Favourite Samba
Because it is a lot quirkier than other Sambas, I had to include Kellie Bright and Kevin Clifton's hip hop inspired Samba to Boom! Shake The Room. Kevin's outfit and mannerisms in this dance are everything.

28. Favourite Christmas Dance
I have two huge favourites on this one. Firstly, Ricky Norwood and Janette Manrara's Quickstep. I loved this one.
Also, I'd like to mention JB Gill and Ola Jordan's jive.
I'd love to see Ricky and JB compete in a full series of Strictly one year!

29. Favourite Last Dance
I'm not sure what this question really meant, whether it meant the last little dance they do as the show ends or whether they meant the last dance the couple did as a couple? I'm not sure!

30. Favourite routine ever
This isn't my 'number one' favourite routine ever (it's EXTREMELY hard to pick) but it's definitely high up the list! Kellie Bright and Kevin Clifton's amazing American Smooth! Simply magical!

Thank you so much for reading! That was really hard choosing just 1 dance per question. I have a lot of favourites haha!!

Love & hugs
Claire xxxxxxx