Thursday, 21 July 2016

5 More of My Favourite: Fragrances

Hey everyone!

So all the way back in January, I compiled a list of some of my favourite scents, which you can read here
Today I thought I'd talk about 5 more fragrances which I love (some I own and some I don't!)
Please bare in mind I'm not the best at describing scents but I hope you still enjoy the post!

* Beyonce - Midnight Heat
One of my absolute favourite scents which I regretted not putting in my first post, is Midnight Heat. It is a muskier version of the original Heat scent and is perfect for night time or even if you fancy just smelling that little bit more luxurious during the day! It lasts so well and smells absolutely incredible, well worth a test sniff next time you are in Boots or Perfume Shop! If you wish to read an extended review of this, you can do so here, where I reviewed it last year.

* So.. Superstar Spray
I always feel like this is a sexy scent, it's quite a flowery kind of scent, one that makes you feel just a little bit more confident when wearing it. You can buy it in spray form as well but I think this was a gift set which had them as sprays.

* Impulse - Be Surprised Spray
Described as being Violets and Red Fruits this is a very gorgeously scented spray! It has quite a kick which I think is the red fruits overtaking the scent below it, I really enjoy wearing this scent and it's great for summer! The last few times I've tried to purchase it, I've not been able to find it so I'm really praying that they are still making it and that it hasn't been discontinued because I am a huge fan of it!

* JLO - Glow
This was the first perfume I ever owned and I actually can't find the bottle to take a photo of it, but it has a really sweet and strong scent which totally takes me back to when I began wearing it. It smells really fresh and sophisticated yet sweet. Definitely a perfume I always come back to!

* Little Mix - Gold Magic
Even though I don't own this Little Mix perfume, every time I'm in Boots I simply have to spray some onto a sample sheet. It's a truly captivating scent. Also, Little Mix are actually releasing a new perfume Wishmaker sometime soon, so that's exciting!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Which are your favourite scents/fragrances at the moment?

Love & hugs,
Claire xxxxxxx

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