Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Newbies: In My Nail Collection

Hey everyone! (Ooh a little bonus blog of the week, aren't you a lucky bunch.. ;)

I wasn't actually intending to post today, but I actually figured I would share my newest additions to my nail collection. I have just realised I've actually never done a haul before and I thought I'd begin a new 'Newbies' series.

Today whilst in Asda, I came across the beauty aisle (as you do!) and realised they were reducing some items to clear. That's always something to take note of in stores especially supermarkets which sell makeup, they will sometimes have little boxes of stuff to clear. I've got myself quite a few bargains from reduced makeup, which is perfectly fine in condition, is just being reduced to make room for new stock.

Today I managed to score 3 of Maybelline's Colour Show 60 Seconds nail polishes for 75p each. Yes 75p! I've actually not bought nail polish for myself in ages (apart from 1 at the very start of the year) as I was convinced I had too many and didn't need any more, despite there being a lot I wanted to try. I did recently have a bit of a clear out so I felt it was slightly better to buy a few more and especially at a bargain price! Especially as I've been painting my nails weekly lately.

Please excuse the white mark on 'Pink Boom' it seems the price sticker residue did not want to remove itself!

The first one I picked up is a baby pink shade under the name 'Pink Boom'. I actually feel like I'm lacking a baby pink of this shade in my collection and it looks like a lovely colour and perfect for the summer time!

The second is actually a top coat, but it is the shade 'Black Magic' which is a winner for me initially due to my huge amount of love for Little Mix. I don't really own many topcoats and I just thought it would make a nice addition to a plain polish and give me a little sparkle when I feel like I'm a glittery/sparkly mood (which can be often).

The third is a bright dark blue shade going by the name of 'Broadway Blues'. I think I do already own a polish similar to it but it's probably a little old now. I do love the shade as even though it's a dark blue it still manages to be bright and colourful.

I do own a Maybelline Colour Show 60 Seconds polish in the shade Urban Coral and it's a truly nice coral colour so I'll have to see how I go with these, as most of my nail polishes tend to be Miss Sporty or Rimmel!

Thank you so much for reading this post and do let me know if you have tried these and if you would like a review on them! And any views on my new Newbies series.

Love & hugs
Claire xxxxxxxx

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  1. Great picks Claire - these all look lovely and 75p is an absolute bargain! I haven't tried any polishes by Maybelline before, I am a Rimmel fan like you and I also love OPI, they have so many different colours! xx