Monday, 29 August 2016

My Nude Lip Colour Collection


I apologise for the delay in this post, for some reason my photo just would not upload yesterday, thankfully it allowed me to paste it now!

Today I thought I'd talk about my Nude lip product collection! I have quite a few nude shades of different lip products and thought I'd take you through them in this post!

Here goes...

Sleek Matte Me Lip Cream - Birthday Suit
This is definitely one of my favourite nude lip choices and it's also one of my favourite lip products of all time too! Absolutely beautiful light nude colour, amazing matte finish and long lasting! You can read a full length review of this liquid lipstick here

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream - Stockholm
The newest addition to my nude lip colour collection, is this beautiful matte lip cream from NYX. I've had my eye on Stockholm for a while and it's a beautifully peachy nude shade! It definitely lives up to its name of being a 'soft matte lip cream' as it is so creamy yet unbelievably soft! Definitely worth a try if you need a peachy yet subtle nude. Also bonus - it smells like cake!

Rimmel Colour Rush Balm Lip Crayon - Drive Me Nude
I'm a bit uncertain with this lip crayon to be honest. I like the colour it gives you upon first applying it, a more 90s darkened mauve/brown kind of look, and the crayon is really easy to use, not very pigmented but not sure if it happens to all of them or just mine, but the colour seems to fade to a pink after use. Whether it's blending into my own lip colour I'm not too sure?

Rimmel Lasting Finish Kate Moss - 08 Lipstick
Another one of my most used nude shades, this lipstick gives great pigmentation and colour payoff and lasts a good while too! I've written a review previously for this lipstick here

Rimmel - Asia Lipstick
This is a really similar lipstick to the one I just mentioned (08 Kate Moss) however I think that one lasts longer. This however is a little glossier and creamier and feels gorgeous on the lips! Definitely worth the money and I think it suits a lot of skin tones and works well as an everyday colour just as good as if it were worn on the night time!

Avon Perfect Peach Lipstick:
A slightly peachy toned nude, this is a very gorgeous colour. I am trying to find a dupe as I'm not sure I'm going to be able to purchase this again but it's definitely a beautiful colour.

Natural Collection Lotus Lipstick:
Probably the cheapest lipstick in this entire post, but ultimately one of my least used ones. It's a sheer peachy nude shade, which I don't really think suits me much. It's cheap and cheerful and does have some staying power but I've not reached for it much. It's quite a frosted finish which isn't normally what I go for in a lipstick.

Natural Collection Apple Blossom Lipstick:
This lipstick has a similar issue with the one above. It's a very muted pale pink but doesn't sit as nicely on my lips and can look a bit like I've used foundation which isn't really the look I want to go for. I go through phases of loving and hating this lipstick and my mum thinks it is quite a 60s shade.

Here are the pictures!

Also, I'd just like to say, my photo of Sleek's Birthday Suit has not done it justice, for a better photo check out the review I have for it, linked into the top of the post where Birthday Suit is mentioned!

Thank you so much for reading!

Which are your favourite 'go to' nude shades from your lip collections?

Love & hugs
Claire xxxxxxxx

Thursday, 25 August 2016

10 of My Favourite: Aaliyah Songs

Hey everyone!

So you may or may not know, I'm a huge fan of Aaliyah, an R&B singer who's music climbed the charts throughout the 90s and early 00s. She was a fantastic actress too appearing in 2 feature films with scheduled plans for more. However today, it the 15th anniversary of her death, on 25th August 2001.
In honour of the beautiful Aaliyah herself, I thought I'd do a post which talks about 10 of my favourite tracks by her. She is definitely missed in the music industry and I would have loved to have known how her music would have grown and just how many amazing roles she would have received in films. Although I was only young when she passed and was potentially too young to enjoy her incredible career at the time she was alive, I've had a huge amount of love R&B music and her voice was absolutely exceptional, it was only natural I'd discover her. She had the incredible ability of being able to sing softly and angelically, but also smoothly and seductively, with deeper tones.
Also, in interviews I've watched, she had a very soft and sweet personality and seemed so nice and genuine.
A truly very special lady.

Try Again
Arguably my favourite Aaliyah track, the music video absolutely slays and proves just how talented Aaliyah was at not only singing, but dancing too. She looks stunning and this track is definitely a timeless classic.

More Than A Woman
Aaliyah's biggest hit in the UK, another classic and timeless R&B track, with a hook so catchy you'll be singing along in seconds and beats that make you want to instantly dance, definitely had to be included in my favourites.

Everything's Gonna Be Alright
I went through a phase of listening to this track loads, it's easy to listen to and demonstrates how seductive Aaliyah's vocals can be, ranging from lower to higher. An album track with true funk.

Hot Like Fire
I can genuinely never decide whether I love the album version or the Timbaland single release mix version more. Both versions of the track are so good, the album version being slightly haunting yet sexy, whereas the single edition is catered much more for your R&B beats.

One In A Million
I love this song so much. I think it would be lovely to dance to after you've just got married as a first dance. It's a simple yet classy and beautiful tribute to a loved one.

Choosey Lover (Old School and New School)
This is an absolute diamond of a track. Aaliyah plays with 2 different variations of this song, switching tempo mid track. It is another song which is literally so 90s. Aaliyah's vocals are so smooth in this track, you won't even realise you've been listening for 7 minutes. It glides by.

Extra Smooth
One of the more upbeat tracks from her final self titled album, Extra Smooth is sassy and funky, expressing Aaliyah's dislike of men who are just that little bit too full of themselves. I feel like this should be one you have a listen to, if you're a big fan of R&B tracks that are that little bit sassier.

I Gotcha Back
Another track which is extremely easy to listen to, lyrics that make you feel cosy inside hoping you find that special someone, Aaliyah is telling us how loyal she is to her partner. Underrated and nicely done.

Back & Forth
Aaliyah's debut single, a song that instantly puts you in that 90s throwback mood. It's literally so 90s, and Aaliyah's style is so on point in the video, from a 90s point of view. I love this and it can guarantee to put me in a good mood.

Journey To The Past
Finally, to end this list, I chose a beautifully sung, beautifully performed track from the Disney Anastasia movie, Journey To The Past. Aaliyah's vocals literally shine so brightly throughout this song, you will be guaranteed to be miming along by the end.

Special mentions to:
Are You That Somebody
We Need A Resolution
Back In One Piece
Summer Bunnies ft R Kelly
Are You Feelin Me?
4 Page Letter
The One I Gave My Heart To
Age Ain't Nothing But a Number

Thank you so much for reading this blog post.
RIP Aaliyah <3

Love & hugs
Claire xxxxxxxx

Sunday, 21 August 2016

50 Instant Blog Post Ideas

Hey everyone!

Today's blog post comes as a two part special, if you didn't read my last blog post, it was the Get To Know Me Tag so definitely check that one if you've not already.
I've been experiencing a bit of writer's block recently, and I felt like I've never done a blog ideas post so I thought I'd offer some inspiration to others who may also be struggling for a good topic for a blog post!

1. Start a series on your blog! That way you can have consistency and you may always have a post handy!
2. School/College/Uni chats!
3. Talk about your wishlist! Are there any products you have your eye on at the moment? Spill!
4. A DIY! Because everyone loves a DIY!
5. Exercise Routine - if you have a routine going for yourself - share it!
6. Make a playlist post. There's so many types of playlists you could do and it may even help you rediscover old favourites!
7. Browse the Internet for tags! Or even others' blogs for tags you haven't completed yet!
8. A dreams/goals post!
9. Write a life update! Has something interesting happened to you lately? Tell us!
10. Do a makeup of the day! If you're off out to meet a friend, snap your makeup and explain what you've used!
11. What's In Your Bag? These are always interesting to read imo, so go go go!
12. Facts About Yourself! It will help us get to know you more!
13. Everyday Makeup Routine
14. What's On Your Phone post is handy if you have loads of apps on your phone!
15. Snack Recipes post - if you're good in the kitchen this is a must! It may help others who struggle with the art of cookery/baking (e.g. me!)
16. How To: Hairstyles post
17. Advice post! Have you gone through something recently and have advice to give? Your blog is the place to offer your help!
18. Confidence tips
19. Interview another blogger
20. Got a funny story/anecdote? Share it!
21. A haul post! If you've bought a lot of new things lately, you could deffo give this a go!
22. Pamper Routine! Perfect if you love bath/shower products!
23. How you deal with stress
24. Things you're excited about for the next season!
25. An open letter to someone, it could be a friend/partner/future self/past self
26. Film/book review
27. Some of your favourite makeup products
28. Why you started blogging post
29. Job interview guide
30. Life hacks
31. Collections! Whether it's lipsticks, perfume, shoes, handbags, show us!
32. Your makeup memories, did you ALWAYS used to use one product a few years back but now can't stand it? 
33. Product Empties - always interesting to see what others have been using up!
34. Review! Have a browse around your products and see if there's anything you haven't reviewed yet that you maybe might want to talk about!
35. A guide to your favourite celebrities!
36. What blogging has taught you!
37. Makeup dupes post - DEFINITELY always a handy winner! Always helpful!
38. Makeup Starter Kit inspirations!
39. Organisation tips
40. Feel Good Tips!
41. Photos from an exciting event
42. A day in the life post
43. Bargaining Tips
44. Ideas for themed parties
45. Your favourite vloggers/bloggers
46. Makeup Tutorial for a particular look
47. Disappointing Products
48. Throwbacks post, with pictures if you dare!
49. Talk about something you're passionate about, raise awareness of a charity!
50. Write a list of blog post ideas - they are VERY helpful ;)

Hope you've enjoyed this blog post! Thank you for reading!

Love & hugs,
Claire xxxxxx

Sunday, 7 August 2016

July 2016 Favourites


This is the monthly favourites post, for July! I feel as though this year really is going so fast that I can't keep up with it! I swear I blinked and July was over. Let's continue..

* I have been trying for the last half hour to add the photo into this post but for some reason Blogger just isn't co-operating with me right now, I apologise and will try and get the photo up as soon as I can *

Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hr Foundation - Light Ivory
I need to check if there are any lighter shades, as I think I might be slightly out with the shade, but this foundation has such a good coverage and stays put for a long time (I don't wear foundation for 25 hours so I can't test it for that long!) It's really comfortable on the skin and I think Rimmel do great foundations, it's just all about correctly finding your shade as I feel this is not as good a match as my Rimmel Match Perfection which I have a whole lot of love for! It does annoy me when foundations have names like 'light ivory' and then still manage to be slightly too dark! HOW? However this was featured in my Shop My Stash post from a few weeks back so I'm glad that I've actually managed to get with it and it not actually be what caused my allergies the first time (I tried it and had a bad reaction but turns out it wasn't the foundation, i guess ill never know what it really was?).

Model Co Black Eye Liner Pencil - Black 01
I'd been meaning to test out more black eyeliner pencils and when Glamour Magazine recently had a makeup offer of a free Models Co makeup item, I decided to buy one with the eyeliner in and my mum also bought one as she knew I wanted the lip liner too. I researched Model Co after purchasing it, it turns out they are an Australian company, slightly higher end then what I'm used to using. This eyeliner has great staying power and it easy to apply, gliding on straight away with no problems. I think I'm going to get on well with this eyeliner, it has better staying power than my current eyeliner which is from Seventeen.

Sleek Matte Me Lip Cream - Shabby Chic
I feel like this has taken a bit of time to reach a Favourites post as I bought it a few months ago, but it's here. I've been reaching for this a lot lately, and it's a beautiful muted pink matte shade, in the form of a liquid lipstick. It dries really quickly and to a beautiful shade, I did a full review on it here if you would like to check that out for more information on it.

Carex Macadamia Oil & Vanilla Hand Wash:
Is it weird to include a handwash in with a monthly Favourites? I've liked this in previous months but it's only now that I've actually remembered to include it. It has a very sweet scent which is really lovely for hand washing and it kills 99% bacteria which is just what you need.

Lady Leshurr ft Wiley - Where Are You Now?
I think you guys probably know by now that I'm a big listener of Lady Leshurr's music. She definitely slays every rap she does, she deserves so much more recognition!
I honestly think she has the best beats with every song she comes out with. This has an absolutely killer beat and is just so addictive to listen to.

Protoje ft Chronixx - Who Knows (Shy FX Remix)
Quite hard to say who was more excited when this comes on the radio, me or my dad! This is such a summery, upbeat track, with some beautiful reggae vibes! Definitely what I think is needed in the charts at the moment, it is SERIOUSLY underrated! It should surely be a huge summer track, hearing it in the car during a hot summer day, it is bliss. Also, the Shy FX remix slays. Also like I said, my dad loves it too.

Glass Animals - Life Itself
I've heard this a lot on the radio lately and it's been growing on me! It's quite a catchy track, which I spent ages trying to find the name of!

Olly Murs - You Don't Know Love

I am a big fan of Olly and this track is another one which I adore. I feel like it's hugely underrated, hits you straight in the feels and has a very well directed music video. Slightly different sound for Olly, but all in all, a song I've had on repeat for a lot of July!

Tinie Tempah ft Wizkid - Mamacita
This song is definitely one of this year's biggest summer hits, instantly screaming summer from the moment it begins. I have liked a lot of Tinie's another songs and this has just been perfect to listen to during the summer days, when the sun is shining, which have been declining in the later days of July, but it may return!

Ariana Grande - Sometimes
Last month I mentioned I had been listening to Ariana's newest studio album, Dangerous Woman, and I've got another favourite from the album, 'Sometimes'.

Skepta - Shutdown
I think I was obsessed with this track a few months ago, but it came back to me at the beginning of July. Very heavy beats and extremely catchy chorus, means this track will no doubt be stuck in your head for a long time!

The SacconeJolys
I think you all know how much I love the SacconeJolys, I've mentioned them in previous blogs and expressed how much happiness they bring to my life and how much they have taught me.
However, this month I've definitely been feeling like I've enjoyed them a lot more and I am not sure if I've put them in a Favourites post, even though I have a lot of love for them! I've been going back and watching previous videos of theirs and they have made me smile so much! If you are unaware of them, they are an Irish family living in the UK who daily vlog their lives. You witness all of the little and the bigger moments, from Anna and Jonathan and their children Emilia and Eduardo and their 6 maltese dogs Albi, Sina, Theo, Bianca, Nivea and Nuvies. They are definitely one of my favourite YouTubers and I feel like they bring me so much joy and positivity in their videos. Also, Anna we love you, she has recently returned to regular appearances in the vlog, but there is so much love for her and support from me <3

Eve Bennett
I'm pretty sure I've mentioned Eve in my blog before, but she's a young YouTuber from the UK who makes beauty/lifestyle/fashion videos and has a vlog channel. I've recently been watching a lot of her videos and felt it was right to include her here. She's one of my favourite YouTubers as she's opinionated and very smart as well as being fun to watch and relatable. I believe she will go far in life and on YouTube and think she's fab! Go and subscribe to her if you haven't already, I'll leave her links below.

Thank you so much for reading this Favourites post! Any comments about any of my faves from this month? Leave them below!

Love & hugs
Claire xxxxxxxx