Sunday, 9 October 2016

Go At Your Own Pace

Hey everyone!

This post is highlighting reasons as to why taking things slowly and taking things at your own pace is important and beneficial. These days, the world is so quick and busy and there's so much going on and it can be overwhelming. Not everything is going to go perfectly or go the way you want it to go, sometimes you may feel unable to do certain things on certain days. You may wake up with a bad mental health day or not feel your best and that is completely normal. There's a difference between something you genuinely aren't ready to do and something which is possible to do which just needs more confidence and motivation to push yourself through.

My anxiety means that some days I can't face doing certain things, whatever they may be, sometimes even stupid, little ridiculous to some sounding things can be hard or a trigger, a lot of the time I'll push on and go for it to try and get myself through them anyway, but sometimes you just kind of know that you really aren't able to do that thing today, whatever that may be. It can feel like it's holding me back which isn't the way I want to live my life, I feel like 100% most days I'm pushing on and trying to get positive vibes to keep myself in a good mind state. Chatting to others who understand this is a great way to get yourself a quick fix of vibes as they get you and they get your struggles and if you don't see how far you've come, then they sure can notice it and help you.

Basically, the message I think needs to be conveyed is that it's okay to go at your own pace. Allow yourself to settle. Often people suffering with hidden conditions are actually working themselves 10 times harder anyways, trying to process and evaluate situations to ensure they can get through it. Therefore tiring themselves out harder and using more energy.
Sometimes it's easy to feel others can move at faster paces and can accomplish things faster than perhaps you might. It's easy to get caught up and feel as though you aren't good enough or aren't smart or strong enough when the actual truth is you are smart and you are strong enough, it just takes a little more settling to go before you're ready. That is completely okay and it should be made aware of and there should be more understanding that not everyone works at the same pace. Being comfortable is hugely important and although you do want to keep pushing yourself out of your comfort zone when you can.

Although for a lot of people suffering with a hidden condition or a mental illness, the littler things can be out of your comfort zone than what others may feel are their comfort zone. That's also okay, we're all different and none of us chose to experience or live life this way, you just have to be patient with yourself and have the knowledge that you are allowed to go at your own pace and have a good support ground for those situations. I would like to think that friends and family even colleagues or staff members would respect this, because sometimes it isn't easy to say that you need to go a little slower or need more time than others, as you don't want to appear "stupid" or irritating or feel like you're a burden or letting anyone down, we shouldn't have to feel like this, nobody should feel like that way. Not everyone can get things right first time.

If you are struggling, please don't feel like you aren't strong or that you aren't capable of doing anything, you are incredible and I believe in you. There has been many little instances in your life where you have accomplished little milestones or little things you managed to do even when you didn't think you could do it. You are strong!

I'd love to hear any feedback from this post, so do comment below if you have any thoughts or any suggestions of help for anyone who may be struggling with things like this.

Love & hugs,
Claire xxx


  1. This is such a beautiful post Claire! Patience is important and sometimes we have to remember to be patient with ourselves as well. We should be just as kind to ourselves as we would be with anyone else :)

    1. Aww thank you so much Chanelle! And I agree with you 100%!! We really do :) xx