Sunday, 27 November 2016

Creightons Frizz No More Sleek & Shine Miracle Serum Review

Hey everyone!

Today's blog post is about a miracle serum which has saved my life over the past couple of weeks. I noticed my hair was suffering with frizz because the new hair dryer I'm using at uni seems to be a lot more powerful and I felt like I wanted some way to combat against the frizz. Obviously I could have just got a heat protectant but I felt that as my hair is very thick and gets quite frizzy generally, a frizz product would be my better option.

I'd like to apologise for the picture quality, as I have limited/no storage on my phone at the moment and my camera actually broke today, so yeah... that's annoying!

This is where Creightons Frizz No More Sleek and Shine Miracle Serum comes into action! I bought this spray bottle in my local Savers meaning it was ridiculously cheap and it's done me well!

You simply spray a little bit into your hand, and rub it into your hair either wet or dry, but as I'll mention later I feel it is better to do it when the hair is wet.
It contains argon oil which makes your hair feel conditioned and probably one of the reasons why it feels really soft afterwards!!

It makes my hair feel so much softer and fluffier than usual which can also be handy as my hair gets extremely knotty too, I've noticed a difference in the amount of knots I get after using this.
One thing I will say is that you have to be careful with your application as sometimes I've found it does all stick at one part of my hair and make it look a little greasy, so it's best to apply it when the hair is wet. It smells really good too, it's a hard scent to describe but it's really nice!!

I feel like it does a really good job for my hair and am really glad I tried it out!

I suggest that any of you with frizz-prone thick hair to try this and see what you think!!

Love & hugs,
Claire xxxxx

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