Monday, 19 December 2016

Blogmas Day 14: Christmas Cards Yay or Nay?


Welcome to Blogmas Day 14!! (Apologies for the delay!)
I feel like this week has been so, so busy!! I am getting back on the Blogmas game now!!!

I thought I'd talk a little about Christmas cards today, as it's quite a festive tradition to send cards wishing Christmas joy to friends and relatives, but with the growing popularity of social media, I feel to a certain extent, that Christmas cards have died out a bit.

I feel like it's a shame as I personally still love both sending and receiving Christmas cards, I feel like there's just something about getting a card knowing that you're passing on your wishes to someone instead of just sending a message or text. I remember in primary school when you'd post your cards in the little postbox in the school office and they would deliver it before the end of the day, and you would have stacks as you'd always write out enough for the entire class plus others who weren't in your class that you knew! They'd then become Christmas decorations, hung around the house to display the festive love.

I feel like it's quite a shame that people don't write Christmas cards much anymore. I definitely feel like it's probably something to do with the actual posting of the card and generally the time it takes up to get the job done, but I really do feel like they should be brought back!!

Do you still send Christmas cards? Or do you feel like it's easier to just virtually send the Christmas wishes? Leave a comment and let us know!!

What I Did: ESSAY HAND IN DAY!! Both a good and bad thing...! Also still dealing with a bad throat which has been really not fun for me! Another thing I did was go for a meal and drinks with some friends, you can't beat a good pitcher (or two..!)
Christmas Chocolate Of The Day: Snowman
Christmas Song Of The Day:
Aaliyah - The Christmas Song

Love & hugs,
Claire xxxx

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