Thursday, 5 January 2017

Zoella Secret Scenta Set


So I recently bought Secret Scenta as part of a gift for my birthday, as I really like her body mist scents but actually at the time only owned Blissful Mistful. I'm someone who loves trying out different scents and sprays so I was eager to test them out!

 Luckily, this gift set has given me the chance to have a try of all four of them.

Blissful Mistful
I already owned Blissful Mistful so knew what to expect from it as a body mist, but I do find it to be an extremely feminine and comforting scent. It's simply gorgeous and quite floral but feminine.

Let's Spritz
This might be my favourite out of the four, as it is extremely fruity and basically the Tuity Fruity scent became one of my favourites. I've used this one the most. It's probably the strongest scent out of all four, alongside Bake My Day.

Sweet Inspirations
Sweet Inspirations is a cosy scent which as you may know, is macaroon scented. It's very sweet but not too sickly, it's a good balance.

Bake My Day
Bake My Day's scent is extremely festive and wintery, a tasty gingerbread scent which is good enough to eat! It's one of the strongest out of all 4, it just smells so Christmassy! But I love it to the point where I would definitely wear it in other seasons too!

I love the set as the bottles are adorably small, perfect for those who would like to test out and see if they like the scents, or those who love the scents so much they'd prefer to have a travel size.
I love the fact that the bottles are literally miniatures of the full sized ones and that they didn't change the bottles.

Have you bought the Secret Scenta set, or do you own any of the standard sizes of the scents??
Which is your favourite? Let me know!!

Love & hugs,
Claire xxxxxxx

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  1. This set sounds adorable! I love little minis and it's a nice way to sample each of the scents x