Sunday, 5 February 2017

Time To Talk Day 2017: Let's Talk About Mental Health

Hey everyone!!

If you're waiting for the Favourites posts, have no fear they are on their way, I just wanted to prioritise this post as it was 'Time To Talk Day' on Thursday, which if you aren't familiar with is a day which encourages everyone to talk about their mental health and how they are feeling and their struggles, in an attempt to break the stigma and the misunderstanding of mental health conditions.

I feel like this is hugely important in our day and age, as even though there's been a huge amount of progress in noticing and acknowledging mental health problems, there are still so many examples of stigma and general uncomfortableness in everyday life.

Talking to someone about your issues can be extremely helpful, even if you are someone like me who does struggle to open up properly about some of the things my anxiety can be like, there are people in this world who listen and who care and who want to try and help however much they can. Obviously it's harder because nobody's symptoms or experiences will be exactly the same, but that's okay and by talking and discussing openly, in a comfortable environment, any issues or feelings we may have, is what Time to Talk is all about, as it can help you become more aware as a person to how to help or even just provide a listening ear to someone who may not have had that before. It may really make a difference to their recovery.

I always try and make sure I let the people I have in my life know I'm there to listen if they need me, as I personally really know how much that can mean to someone, and how much of a comfort it may be.

I also do think it's great that a day like this exists, to promote breaking the silence on topics like this which have a bit of a 'taboo' surrounding them.

Although you definitely don't need to wait till a specific day to talk to someone, reach out
Also, let people be aware that you are there if you need them. You can't tell who may be struggling with a mental health issue from how they look, so remember to have a good heart to everyone!

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You can also visit the Time To Talk website here for more information on the campaign.

Thank you so much for reading this post! Please take the time to talk and/or research mental health!

Love & hugs,
Claire xxxxxxxxx