Sunday, 14 January 2018

Morphe 360 Plum Palette Review

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This post is a review on the Morphe 360 Plum Palette, which I receieved at Christmas, I'd had my eye on purchasing a Morphe palette for a while and decided to go for it at Christmas.
I decided to try out the Morphe 360 Plum Palette specifically because I had been looking at the palettes and noticed that this one features purple tones, as well as the usual casual day to day shades. I also liked the way it had different finishes, there's some matte and some sparkly which definitely drew me in as I like a bit of both depending on my mood.

This palette has me shocked! It's an absolute bargain, for £23 on BeautyBay, 35 different eyeshadows, is amazing. Not only that, but absolutely incredible quality. They are so pigmented, there's little to no fallout and they are so easy to apply and blend. It's a stunning palette and I'm very impressed by it, I know that you are only allowed to buy certain numbers of the Morphe palettes, but honestly, this one has really become one of my favourite products. Also, with there being 35 different eyeshadows, you have got so many different looks to create and that's extremely exciting.

The only downsides I'd say are that the palette isn't very travel friendly although I think you can buy little travel cases so you can take out the shades you want, it also doesn't have a mirror, which can be tricky, but honestly when it comes to the eyeshadows themselves they are absolutely breathtaking. Every time I open the palette I'm in awe of them!!

I'd definitely recommend this particular Morphe palette if you're into your darker more plum shades, it's a really good deal! You get what you pay for and more with this!

Have you ever tried any of Morphe's palettes?

Love & hugs,
Claire xxx

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