Thursday, 22 March 2018

Let's Talk About: Blogging Pressures


I was reading Are You Feeling Pressured By Your Blog? written by Dorkface recently and I realised that I could relate to it in a number of ways and realised that it would be quite an interesting blog post, and another edition to the 'Let's Talk About' series.

As someone who's been blogging for a few years now, there is a lot I've learnt surrounding writing posts, running a blog and as this title mentions 'blogging pressures'. Blogging isn't easy and it takes time for development.

Blogging fascinated me because I'm not quite comfortable enough to go on camera and chat about things but I loved the way you can discuss and express your thoughts on your own little space on the Internet. It was always a place where I can chat about anything on my mind, maybe give comfort with my mental health posts or just generally belong somewhere.
A few years ago, I decided I wanted to take my blog proper seriously and stick to my schedule, which was originally Sundays but then I branched out and tried Thursdays and Sundays, but not a specific time of day. Admittedly, my views went up but looking back some of my content wasn't always as good as it could have been.
But through the years I've struggled to keep up with continuously blogging, particularly when I started uni and through times when I just lost my mojo a bit. I've never been someone to rank in loads of views on my blog, but there was a time when I'd be getting regular views and my untimely breaks have dented that so deeply that I am disappointed in myself for letting it slip.

Also, I find a lot of pressure surrounding promoting your blog too. My EclairsCares Instagram feed is very random and my photos aren't perfect and I don't have a massive DSLR camera and all the kit to do absolutely amazing photos. I try my best and I know that lovely feeds are so appealing to the eye, but mine just isn't like that and it's something I both take pride in and feel slightly embarrassed over. But the embarrassment comes from the pressure, especially from a beauty/lifestyle blogger perspective of having that kind of feed. You shouldn't feel bad about your feed though if you like the photos and if it's representative of you.

Another thing I feel is a big pressure especially among the beauty/lifestyle community is discussing expensive and high end makeup. I don't know if I'm alone on this one or if there's more of you who feel this way, but I feel there's a big amount of pressure to discuss higher end products in posts. I'm certainly not someone who has the bank balance to be able to splurge and buy endless bits and bobs from the more expensive brands, however much I'd love to, but sometimes I feel there is a pressure to do so. Obviously this doesn't apply to everybody but it sometimes seems as though you're not successful if you only discuss highstreet/drugstore products, which is definitely not true!

What's more, I had a blogging module last semester at uni and as I'd been blogging for just under 4 years when receiving it, I felt like it was a module that I could comfortably sink my teeth into. When it came to my result, I was really disappointed as I'd gotten my lowest grade ever at uni and what upsets me the most is that it was doing the thing I love doing, that I've been doing previously for 4 years. I was balancing two blogs at one time during that stage but I was just so gutted that I'd let that happen and just made me feel like absolute crap and full of doubt really. I felt like I'd been disheartened a bit, as if blogging had been taken away from me. Blogging has been a huge therapeutic help to me over the years and it almost felt as though all of that had been taken away from me upon receiving my mark. It sounds dramatic but it made me question whether I could ever consider blogging as a career or not, whether writing this blog was just a waste, because I'd remember how I'd let it all slip and it all just kind of hit me at once.

Through blogging, you can put your personality and your themes across however you want and I just wish there was less pressures surrounding the blogging world. There are so many different types of bloggers from all around the world, writing about different subjects and presenting themselves to the world in different ways and it should be celebrated.

To conclude, there are definitely many ways in which I've felt blogging pressures, and many different times too. Have you guys felt blogging pressures? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Love & hugs,

Claire xxx

Thursday, 15 March 2018

False Eyelashes 411

Hi everyone!

This post is on the topic of false eyelashes! It's only in the last couple of years I've properly gotten into false lashes after steering clear of them for fear of them either just looking like I'd applied them in the dark or that they would be too heavy. I wanted to do a specific post about them because I've never really discussed lashes here on my blog as when I first started it I barely wore eyelashes but they've since become some of my favourite things to use with my makeup!

Lashes in General
For me I've technically only tried a handful of specific brands of false eyelashes, Tanya Burr and Eylure.
Unfortunately, Tanya Burr doesn't do eyelashes anymore which is quite disappointing as I honestly found hers amazing and so easy to work with! I also found the glue so much better too.
Now I stick to Eylure eyelashes and I'm a big fan. They're extremely light and there are so many different varieties and effects to try out. Mostly I try and buy mine from shops such as Bodycare or Savers here in the UK, as they sell them much cheaper, but Eylure lashes are generally found in a lot of places from supermarkets to Superdrug and Boots. The good thing about Eylure is that they have a big variety of different lash styles so you are guaranteed to find a style/pair that suits you and they are so light that you can't even feel them on, which I feel like is hugely important because nothing worse than feeling like your lashes are weighing your eyes down!!

I would say I've seen some YouTube videos on application of false eyelashes, but mostly I guess I'd say I'm self-taught as I didn't really follow their instructions or advice. A lot of people say using tweezers helps but for me personally, I don't use tweezers as I think I'd find them too fiddly.

I've been told that I'm good at applying false eyelashes but I wouldn't always agree! I think I'm very much a trial and error kind of person when it comes to eyelashes as I don't always get them on first go and even once I'm actually wearing them, they aren't always perfect.

A few tips I'd definitely suggest would be to try and stay as close to the lash line as possible when applying, have patience as you more than likely won't get it on right first time especially in the first few times you apply them.
Also using mascara to blend your real lashes among the fake can really help.
When I first started applying lashes, I wasn't all that great but it definitely takes practice to get used to wearing them, but now it's almost weird going on a night out without lashes.

Some of my current favourite lashes would be

Eylure X Cheryl Lashes in 'Belle of The Ball' (these work a treat for a night out, they look so stunning on and look extremely feminine and stunning)
RCGlam Lashes in 'Amira' (The newest lashes in my collection, they are absolutely beautiful and the fluffiest pair of lashes I own! They seriously enhance your eyes!)
Eylure Enchanted Lashes in 'Rose' (although sadly I don't actually own these lashes anymore as unfortunately, the lashes fell out of their case when I was taking them back to uni after the Christmas break so I lost one of them and the other got dusty, however I wore them for my 21st birthday and they were gorgeous!)

I'm intending on trying some of Primark's lashes as I've heard amazing things about them and especially for the prices they are sold at!
I'm also tempted to try either Ardell Wispies or Dodo lashes in the near future too as they look so stunning.

I hope this has helped some of you who maybe want to know more about lashes or the ones that I like and more!

Love & hugs,

Claire xxx

Sunday, 4 March 2018

February 2018 Favourites


It's time for my February Favourites. There's not a huge amount but I just thought I'd share some of the things that I actually had enjoyed throughout February.

Keep reading to find out what I've been loving!

Makeup Revolution: Vivid Baked Bronzer - Ready To Go
I fancied trying a bronzer as I've only ever tried one as I have never really looked for one because my pale skin doesn't really do bronzer, but as blusher isn't my friend either and I thought I'd try not to look so ghostly and find a bronzer. I got recommended one by one of my friends but when I went into Superdrug, I couldn't find it so I decided to go for this Makeup Revolution one. It's shimmery so it's not too strong against my skin and I've actually really liked it so far. It was only £4 as well which is brilliant! This is the first time a bronzer has ever appeared in a Favourites post!

Simple Kind To Skin Smoothing Facial Scrub
I started using this at the end of January, start of February, twice a week and I feel like I can instantly feel how smooth my skin feels. I used to use a face wash that was a scrub, but as I'd stopped using that, sometimes my skin in particularly winter time, would get dry. This scrub is perfect to sort my skin out and it uses rice granules so it's better for the planet too.

NYX - Soft Matte Lip Cream - Morocco
I own a few of the matte lip creams but this one is a orange toned red which is actually the only shade I have in my collection. It's comfy to wear and the staying power is so good.

Boohoo - Sally Boutique Lace BodysuitI bought this bodysuit on Boohoo at the beginning of the month and I wore it on a night out and I love it. It's so gorgeous and I felt confident and comfortable in it. I was a little sceptical at buying it at first but honestly I'm so glad I did. It's available in white and red too.

En Vogue - Free Your Mind
Kelis - Acapella
Charli XCX & M.O - 3am (Pull Up)
Not3s & Mabel - My Lover
Mabel & Not3s - Fine Line
Bruno Mars ft Cardi B - Finesse (Remix)
Pink & William Orbit - Feel Good Time
Black Box - Ride On Time
Janelle Monae - Make Me Feel
Zombie Nation - Kernkraft 400
Dimie Cat - When You Wish Upon A Star

Jane The Virgin

Thank you for reading!

Love & hugs,

Claire xxxxxxx

Friday, 2 March 2018

Guestpost - February 2018 Music Picks

I hope you enjoy this guest post - Claire xxx

Hi, I'm Daniel!

I'm not typically a blogger (unless my Uni course forces me to be), but I wanted to get out of my writing comfort zone a little so I asked Claire and she kindly let me guestpost about my favourite albums and tracks released this month. I specifically note this month only because otherwise I'll be rambling forever! My music taste is offbeat at best, so I'm going to try and structure this so the more accessible of the bunch are first. Without further ado, let's get into it.


TRACK: Muse - Thought Contagion

Oh my God, what a track. Muse are my all-time favourite band and their new single just blew me away. Their last single, Dig Down, pretty much knocked me from having any hope that their new album would be good but Thought Contagion proved me wrong in the best way possible. I'm definitely a lot more excited for the new album after hearing this, especially after hearing the live version from their recent By Request gig in France. If you liked any song from The Second Law, you'll like this.


TRACK: Pale Waves - The Tide

Pale Waves are the next big thing, mark my words. Apparently, NME agrees too, as they recently picked up their Under the Radar award. I saw the music video for Television Romance in September of last year and it had me hooked instantly, and The Tide definitely doesn't disappoint either. A friend and I were actually planning to see them at a local venue, but the tickets had sold out before either of us could get one. Definitely check them out, if only for the Hipster cred.


TRACK: Mecha Maiko - Mad But Soft

I've recently found myself getting back into Synthwave and Retrowave, so I subscribed to a YouTube channel called NewRetroWave who specialise in releasing tracks of the genre and stumbled across this absolute jam by Mecha Maiko, formerly one half of Dead Astronauts. It's a groovy 80s inspired track with featuring soft dreamy vocals and a pulsing beat from that you can just float away on, I absolutely love it.



This track is so, so dark. I've never heard a track by +$WAGGOT before but one of the YouTube channels I subscribe to for new Witch House music posted this from his new album цифровая серенада and I fell in love at first listen. The spoken-word vocals and incredibly dark lyrical subject matter fit so well over the foreboding, brooding beat, the track has just utterly enraptured me. It isn't for everyone, but I strongly recommend it If you can stomach it.


ALBUM: Limousine - Paypal Playboy

Limousine's new album is very similar to his previous outings, although this definitely isn't a bad thing. Limousine's sound is quickly becoming distinctive, that of an old-school looping Vaporwave beat with the occasional vocal sample from 80s wrestling, best noted by the track Views From The Tower which features Hulk Hogan talking about how Donald Trump is a Hulkamanic...80s wrestling was a strange, cocaine fuelled time. Paypal Playboy is an incredibly relaxing album and I highly recommend it.

Favourite track: Stairway 2 Hell.


ALBUM: One Second: A Compilation Album – Various Artists

One Second is definitely the strangest piece of work on this list, hence why it comes last. The title gives the gimmick of the album away; every single track is one second long, some are even listed as being zero seconds long. 120 songs, each by a different artist, encompassing different genres such as Noise and Dubstep as well as Vaporwave and Vaporwave's subgenres, at a second or less. An entire album clocking in at exactly two minutes. It's significantly impressive, and definitely worth a listen just due to the sheer feat of it being made.

On my first listen, I noted down tracks 4, 10, 11, 12, 18, 19, 22, 34, 47, 49, 50, 55, 62, 68, 73, 74, 82, 85, 90, 99, 112 and 118 as being my favourites. How many albums do you hear where you have that many favourite tracks?

Favourite track: Evergreen Avenue - Everybody is Identical

Anyway, that’s all from me and my weird tastes, hope you found something you enjoy!

Thank you again for letting me write for your blog Claire, I love you so much!