Sunday, 8 April 2018

New Look Shoe Haul


So I'm notoriously a pain to buy shoes for, I'm the pickiest person when it comes to comfort because I hate that I sometimes get foot cramp, and also happen to have 'wide feet' which results in a lot of standard shoes being too narrow for me. Truthfully, I find it so hard to find shoes that are comfy enough for me and that I like the style of too.
So I was extremely surprised the other day to purchase not one pair but TWO pairs of shoes from New Look, during their 25% off sale. New Look is definitely one of my favourite high street shops but I've never purchased any of their shoes before. Here's a look at what I bought:

Wide Fit Black Suedette Platform Heels - £25.99
These were actually shoes I'd found on the New Look website and really liked the look of. I've been looking for a pair of dressier black heels for a while now.
I got them in a size 4 as the size 5 was a big fit and they don't do half sizes.
They are mostly comfy, obviously heeled shoes aren't always the comfiest but I simply couldn't leave them behind so I bought them. As someone who can't walk in heels, I manage to in these and they're so gorgeous too.

Wide Fit Black Suedette Low Block Heeled Sandals - £16.99
These were purchased alongside the other heels, they were a very spontaneous buy. It was actually my mum that brought me these over to try on, as I'd been trying pretty much the entire shop on, it was a chance that they actually were so comfortable! The front part of the shoe is literally so comfy and cushioned. I hope that I'll be able to wear them in summer and maybe nights out too. I got these in a size 4 too as they seemed to fit okay, I do find it strange that I have trainers that are size 5 and a half and these are a 4 but I guess different places do different sizes?

So there we have it. I've actually never bought shoes from New Look before but I'm very happy with both pairs especially as they were unexpected buys! I'm not sure how long the 25% off offer lasts, but I'd take advantage if I were you!

Love & hugs,
Claire xxx


  1. I find with trainers you go up a size because you've got to allow for wearing socks. The second pair of heels look lovely, you've made me want to invest in a similar style show for next spring/summer. I've got wide feet too lol x

    1. That's true! Ooh thank you! And oh isn't it a pain trying to find comfy shoes when you have wider feet! I find it so hard to find ones that don't rub or feel nice on! x

  2. I love New Look, and find there shoes so comfortable too! I'm loving the second pair, well done to your mum for spotting them!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    1. Thank you for your comment Hannah! And I'm definitely going to have a look there more often from now on! And oh yes she did good! :) xx