Saturday, 21 April 2018

Simple Water Boost Hydrating Gel Cream Review

Hey everyone!

Today's post is a review for one of the new products from Simple's Water Boost range, which aims to take care of dehydrated skin and help reverse the five stages of dehydration.
I was drawn to this range after reading about it in Superdrug's Dare magazine March/April issue, as recently I've definitely noticed my skin being a little dry, dull and generally dehydrated! I had been looking into investing in something to sort it out or at least improve it a little so Simple's range came at a great time!

I'm a big lover of Simple's products as I've tried many out before and been impressed and their makeup wipes are a holy grail of mine. I don't tend to try too many skincare brands, I have very sensitive skin and it can easily be affected by a change of product, but Simple generally tend to impress and of all the brands out there, have no harsh chemicals.

So I decided I had to try and give my skin a bit of a water boost by trying out one of the Water Boost range products!

I picked out the Hydrating Gel Cream but was torn between the Hydrating Gel Booster too. The gel cream can be applied after cleansing your face and that's how I used it.

You simply apply a small amount and rub into your face, upon application I felt it to be very refreshing and quenching. It's a creamy consistency, as expected, but not thick, it's very lightweight which I think is great as it makes it easier to apply to your skin and allow it to soak in. One of the main things I actually love about this cream is it's not greasy or sticky at all and it so pleasant to use. Sometimes keeping moisturised and hydrated means having sticky creams or moisturisers on you but this isn't like that at all.

It's very gentle on the skin which is expected with Simple and it's also non-perfumed. I have actually noticed my skin being less dry and more quenched since using the gel cream, especially alongside my Simple Facial Gel Wash which I'm back to using after returning back to uni house. I'm really impressed with the cream and it has made me wonder what the other products in the range would do alongside this.

I had no bad reaction to it and it kept my skin more refreshed and quenched, it's a product I'm sure I'll definitely repurchase once I'm finished with as I have really liked it so far!

Have you tried any of the Simple Water Boost range yet? What did you think of it?

Love & hugs,
Claire xxx


  1. I don’t use many Simple products but this one sounds great, my skin has been looking a bit dull and dehydrated recently so I’ll have to give it a go! X

  2. I love Simple products, just because I have sensitive skin. I love that it's non-perfumed and non-greasy as well! I definitely need to give this one a try when I finish my current moisturiser, which is the Neutrogena Hydro Boost. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on it!

    Jenny xx

  3. I was really intrigued to see what you had to say about this. All I have from the Water Boost range is the micellar water which I actually think leaves my skin feeling ever so slightly dry so I was very pleasantly surprised by your review x


  4. I haven't loved Simple's products in the past, they just seemed to have made my skin dry and i broke out after using them. This looks like something i'd like to try though xx

  5. I used to love Simple products, but I haven't tried them in a while! I love the sound of this range, I have dry skin, so it sounds like I could really benefit from picking this up xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  6. The Simple face wipes are a staple of mine, too! I haven't used any other skincare products of theirs for years now, but I do remember them being fab!

    Beka |