Sunday, 27 May 2018

Get That Glow - Revolution's Vivid Baked Bronzer Review

Hi everyone!

So as we're approaching the summer months, there comes a time where a lot of us want that glowy bronzed look, especially if you're like me and you don't tan very easily, you either burn or stay pale!

This post will discuss the Vivid Baked Bronzer in the shade 'Ready To Go' by Makeup Revolution (Or Revolution as they are now known).

I think you will probably know a little about how I feel about this bronzer as I'm fairly sure it made it into my Favourites post a few months back but I thought I'd give it it's own post!

Upon buying it, I went out with not much to go on, wanting a high street bronzer, but nothing that was too full on as I know some bronzers don't suit me.

I gave Ready To Go a go (no pun intended) and instantly fell in love with it! As far as bronzers go, it's quite a shimmery bronzer which I think looks better on me because anything too deep looks a little strange on me as I have a very pale skin tone.
I find the fact it's shimmery takes away some of the boldness of the colour which I personally like.

Only a little goes a long way and it lasts a good few hours as well and is actually wearable on me without looking like I've caked myself in mud or something!

Definitely giving me a gorgeous glow, which is what I was going for.

It really impressed me and the price is only £4, it's a definite bargain! There's two other shades as well 'Rock on World' and 'Golden Days'.

I honestly think it's actually made me like bronzer, as I'd previously been quite apprehensive in case it didn't suit me! If you're pale but want a bit of a glow in the summer months, I'd really recommend this!

You can buy it here from Superdrug online.

Have you tried the bronzer? Let me know in the comments!

Love & hugs,

Claire xxx


  1. This looks like a good bronzer, I love Makeup Revolution so much and they're so affordable x

  2. I love bronzer and you can't go wrong for £4! I'll have to pick one up!
    Sophie - x

  3. This sounds perfect and such a bargain too! I’m quite pale so would love a summery glow. I definitely need to check this out. Thanks for the recommendation Claire! xx

    Bexa |

  4. This sounds brilliant - what a find! It's so difficult to find bronzers that suit super pale skin, let alone those that actually last. Thank you for the recommendation, I'm just about to order it now!

    Sending you good vibes!

    Nati x | | @naticreates